Things to know about "Varied Bisexuals"!

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that lets a person get engaged with both males and females in every possible way. Be it emotional, physical, mental, sexual, whatever it is, a bisexual is meant to possess attractions towards both the gender binary identities! Which clearly says, that bisexuals can have two varieties (genders) of people in their personal life. That's how the orientation work and the tribes got segregated depending on the leaning personalities towards homosexuality and heterosexuality. But this particular tribe is completely diverse and you must be prepared to witness the confusion!

Yes, people generally judge bisexuals as confused souls when it comes to deciding between a man and a woman. Ultimately, every bisexual comes to one point as they may select any one of the genders or both (as in polyamorous relationships). But the scenario with Varied bisexuals is very unusual. They select both the genders, and they don't like to be in a polyamorous relationship too. You must be wondering, how that can be possible. With Varied bisexuals, it is wholly possible to have a physical relationship with one gender and emotional relationship with another gender.

It isn't that confusing, though the varied bisexuals get themselves confused in the initial stages of the exploration of their sexual orientation, at one point, they conclude by allocating their sensual side to one gender and let the other gender explore their emotional side. Now the question is if you want to be a partner to a varied bisexual, can you be able to provide your emotional side of your partner to another person whereas you sleep with his/her body?

This particular bisexual tribe can come under both the open and closeted bisexual tribes. There is no wrong in the preferences of a varied bisexual. This happens in every orientation and every person. Just because there are two varieties of genders included in bisexuality, these particular bisexuals are classified as a separate tribe. Haven't you ever felt emotionally connected to another person who is not your dating or life partner? Haven't you ever checked out other girls when your girlfriend is right beside you just because you get attracted to all girls? We all do that. We can control our emotional and physical connections in a way that they won't come together for a mutual person.

Similarly, a varied bisexual man can get physically attracted to other men be it homosexuals or heterosexuals to sexually explore his orientation and at the same, he can also get emotionally attracted to gracious, charming, and understanding women. Some bisexuals cannot share their beds with one gender and cannot share thoughts with another gender. They maintain their physical and emotional personalities separately. This surely puzzles people and hence, most of the varied bisexuals end up hiding in closets.

Emotional bisexuals are the ones who can have intimate emotional relationships with both men and women; they can talk dirty and get into sexting with both the genders. Indeed, they may watch gay porn, lesbian porn, and straight porn too. But at the end of the day, they only participate in sex with one gender people with whom they are emotionally connected with every aspect.

Whereas exploratory bisexuals are the ones, who don't share any emotions with one particular gender, but share a huge sexual curiosity and try to get sexually engaged with that particular gender. This is why we see many bisexuals in tinder, Grindr, planet Romeo apps with NSA tags to just have sex and nothing more!

Emotional and exploratory bisexuals are completely closeted, they won't announce themselves as bisexuals because both these tribes can't get into a person completely. It's wholly partial, either emotional or physical. You can tag them as closeted varied bisexuals.

Some varied bisexuals are open about their emotional and physical attractions. You can find these types of bisexuals in Open-relationships where they hang out with men in bed and conduct deeper conversations with the women or vice-versa. Only a person who can understand the variations of a varied bisexual can get along with this tribe because generally, a human being expects both kinds of attention, physical and emotional from the person they love the most.