Things to know about Twinks...

Twinks are one of the gay tribes in the gay community who captures a lot of attention in every possible way, be it in appreciating or teasing. Generally, most of the gay men cross the twink stage in their personal life. Because being twink is like being a teenager in the gay community. Indeed, twinks are hot and cool 'boys'. The younger generation gays are considered as twinks who look young, blossoming, and most appealing in terms of aesthetic appearances and emotional attributes too. The age constraint of this particular tribe is from late teens to early twenties. This tribe remains the most energetic one, of course, being young and curious says everything about these types of gay men, sorry, gay boys!

There are many aspects a person must know about this particular tribe of gay boys who loves to explore frequently and indeed, most of the gay men love to explore this particular gay tribe. The factors like age and physical appearances separate these guys from other gay tribes. Twinks are those gay boys who are youthful, maintain no or less body hair, come up with mostly clean-shaven faces, and loves to opt for the current trends in every aspect.

There is no such mandatory that all the gay boys must be twinks. But there is another category which comes nearer to this particular gay tribe and they are mostly referred to, as "Twunks." Yes, just a substitution of the alphabet I to U. Twunks are those gay boys or gay guys, who are muscular enough to be gay men soon. These guys love the workouts and maintaining bodies to charm other men. Twunks also maintain less or no, facial and body hair, who are in proper shape but not lean like twinks, and especially, twunks are confident than twinks, because they know who they are and what they desire, unlike twinks! But yeah, twinks, or twunks, both tribes must be dealt almost in the same way!