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Things to know about Twinks...

Twinks are one of the gay tribes in the gay community who captures a lot of attention in every possible way, be it in appreciating or teasing. Generally, most of the gay men cross the twink stage in their personal life. Because being twink is like being a teenager in the gay community. Indeed, twinks are hot and cool 'boys'. The younger generation gays are considered as twinks who look young, blossoming, and most appealing in terms of aesthetic appearances and emotional attributes too. The age constraint of this particular tribe is from late teens to early twenties. This tribe remains the most energetic one, of course, being young and curious says everything about these types of gay men, sorry, gay boys!

There are many aspects a person must know about this particular tribe of gay boys who loves to explore frequently and indeed, most of the gay men love to explore this particular gay tribe. The factors like age and physical appearances separate these guys from other gay tribes. Twinks are those gay boys who are youthful, maintain no or less body hair, come up with mostly clean-shaven faces, and loves to opt for the current trends in every aspect.

There is no such mandatory that all the gay boys must be twinks. But there is another category which comes nearer to this particular gay tribe and they are mostly referred to, as "Twunks." Yes, just a substitution of the alphabet I to U. Twunks are those gay boys or gay guys, who are muscular enough to be gay men soon. These guys love the workouts and maintaining bodies to charm other men. Twunks also maintain less or no, facial and body hair, who are in proper shape but not lean like twinks, and especially, twunks are confident than twinks, because they know who they are and what they desire, unlike twinks! But yeah, twinks, or twunks, both tribes must be dealt almost in the same way!

Most twinks like to explore their sexuality and their sensual desires are innovative and they want to become adventurous and experimental in bed. Hence, you may find twinks as better sex partners because of their curiosity and exploration levels. Hence, many gay twinks like to be in open relationships and love to explore the world around them.

This doesn't mean they don't have any opinion on love. Indeed, this particular gay tribe can fall intensely in love. Being young means being energetic and involving deeply. They sometimes may suffocate you with genuine love. If they find true love, gay-twinks completely commit themselves to their partners, but again, you must communicate with them regarding their opinion about anything. Because twinks normally get confused with too many options around and never like to get restricted.

They are creative and courageous enough to achieve anything they like to do. Gay twinks are the gay younger generation and you mostly see them in pride marches, queer carnivals, and many queer events. Because of their engaging personalities, they love to get involved in everything and perceive everything around them. Extending circles by making new friends are common among twinks.

These gay boys are expressive, and they sometimes become flashy enough to show off their gender identities and sexual orientation to the world. Don't judge, in this millennial era; these are the ones, who are enlightening the people around them by being themselves. Some are closeted but the open ones, they can be super expressive and ultimately rebellious to fight against the odds.

As gay twinks are of late teens, most of them remain closeted and in countries like India, these gay boys feel difficult to come out and announce themselves as gays but the closeted status never ceases them from getting involved in various queer activities. Under many masquerades, you find many gay twinks. Just try to understand their issues in society and don't force them to come out of the closet just because you are open.

Twinks are the ones who get easily targeted by people and their judgmental criticism. Especially effeminate gay-twinks face a lot of comments every single day regarding their dressing sense, walking, and talking style. Though the juvenile minds don't care, they feel destructive if the people from the community itself throw them sarcastic comments. Therefore, if you are among those bullies and show up the next day in front of them with a proposal, take it as rejected. Always remember, gay-twinks are the ones who have many options when it comes to men!

Gay twinks like getting along with mature men who understand them completely. But at the same time, because of the age factor some twinks have attitude issues, trust issues, and commitment issues. So, try dealing with those issues if you want to date a gay twink. Immaturity and impatience are the two factors that may irk you off dating gay twinks. But everyone is immature, indeed the current gay younger generation is mature enough to deal with any issue.

Gay twinks mostly date their peers, but some even end up with daddies too. There is one stereotypical assumption people throw against gay twinks that these gay boys stress on the age factor. But it's completely wrong, if that is the case, you don't come across the news of a 22-year-old gay guy marrying a 56-year-old gay daddy! Gay twinks love exploring men of any age! Hence, don't overlook an opportunity to approach them by considering baseless facts!

They are smart, and they also look for smart people as their partners, but at the same time, some gay twinks are so dumb and too submissive that they listen to whatever people say. If you ever come across such gay twink, don't take advantage, instead, be harsh, a bit to make them, understand the scenario in and around the gay community. Because whatever gay tribe we belong to, we must support each other to constitute a significant community!

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