Things to know about Modern-day Ghosting in the queer community!

In this current virtual dating scenario, the aspect of ghosting is one of the most expected patterns in the queer community. Of course, it is there everywhere but among queer people, unfortunately, this is becoming quite a common thing especially when everything is getting initiated through dating apps. But can we ignore the evolution of the virtual dating lifestyle? Hell, no! Because, unlike previous eras, things became quite feasible and flexible over a smartphone, be it for expressing feelings or to dump people like a piece of trash!

If you want to survive such a cut-throat dating lifestyle, you must understand the easy-breezy attitude of the current generation and you should never take it to heart if you face such a disheartening situation especially after pumping your heart with emotions over some random stranger you text on a dating app. There are plenty of people on various apps and there are too many chances for you to face the ghosting experiences from a few as not every person can think with a sane and sorted mind as most of us lack the decency of giving closure in any aspect.

Modern-day ghosting work like these situations:

  • You may text a person the whole day, and you may also get positive vibes from that person. Do not expect that person to marry you just because you engaged in a constructive conversation throughout the day. By the night, that person may vanish off by blocking you. You don't have to feel bad about it and blame yourself for committing some mistake during the conversation. For you, it might be intense, but for the other person, it could be a chat to pass the time. So, relax and accept the way it is.

  • Sometimes you may text for more than a week and your online dating partner may praise you, your mindset, and your body with the exclusive adjectives, and soon after you meet him, he may find you boring and leave from the middle of the date without intimating you by making you wait for his return from his so-called washroom excuse. This happens with many of us.

  • Have you ever spoken with a person you met on social media apps for longer spans and formed some kind of more intimate connection over his/her voice just to realize that you got ghosted the next day soon after you woke up and found that person unreachable because he might have blocked you overnight? Do not expect explanations from such people because they give absurd reasons even though you find them somehow.

  • Sometimes the people who ghost others act as victims of stalking especially when you feel irritated and chase them in every possible way just to know why they ghosted you. Naturally, you feel insulted when someone ghosts you for no reason but, do you think that people need specific reasons to ghost others? Even though you look out for answers, you either get blamed, or worse you may feel demotivated with the reasons they throw at you. So never go behind a ghost!

  • Your date from the dating app could be nearing you to meet you with all the excitement by looking at your hot pictures on your bio and consistently texting you to express his/her eagerness to see you but then suddenly you may end up witnessing the vanished chat in between the conversations. Well, you must realize that person would have seen you already from quite a distance and might have judged you already with the appearance you carry on that particular day without meeting you in person. These kinds of ghosting personalities are hard to analyze. Spit your cuss words and move on with a cup of coffee in your hand.

  • The worst kind of ghosting in this modern-era dating lifestyle scenario is not showing up after the first date. Everyone has their opinions on the people they choose to date, and they may easily conclude the personality of a person soon after meeting on a first date. People who generally vanish off after the first date never return your life even though you may bump into them later. They aren't gutsy enough to say that they are no more interested in you. Accept the fact with the maturity that you may not be their type and get along with it instead of expecting some sense from these senseless ghosts.

  • Not every person who ghosts others is bad and ruthless. Some people have no choice rather than disappear from someone who is bloodsucking, annoying, and irritating. They ghost because they don't want to encounter unnecessary complications and consequences, especially people who are hysterical on a first date or worse on the first conversation over a call or a chat. If this happens to you regularly with every person you meet, then the defect lies in you and you must change yourself instead of sobbing over people who ghost you because of your behavior.