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Things to know about boy babes!

What enters your mind if you listen to the term called "boy babe?" Oh! Don't go behind tomboy girls again! They are way different from the boy babes. These are the amalgamations of high fashion chic women and careless attitude men. Okay, now you must be imagining how they look like. Expertly, have you seen a girl nailing an Armani suit better than most straight guys and rock the floor as no one can, who likes the attention from girls but never give a damn about who is looking at her? She is the one, a boy babe!

Okay, straight away you must be picturing Ellen Degeneres on the couch, slightly flirting and teasing Priyanka Chopra? You perfectly swayed it then! Who can rock any kind of suit better than boy babes? But the point is, can you be able to reach their accuracy in every single aspect? That's a critical question because these boy babes are obsessively competitive and career-focused. This doesn't mean they are not completely into hooking up with women or else sharing their life with them. There are a few factors that all the lesbians must recognize about these boy babes before poking them, anywhere especially on social networking sites.

Speaking of social media, if you search for them, you will be surprised by the number of followers and the quality of their posts because they are pros at creativity, media engagement, and most importantly, PR activities. You can find them in the topmost industries giving ruthless competition to men, both in career and fashion!

Boy babes rock suiting and shirting better than men with their statement hairstyles and most importantly, their office heels make you feel as if you are going to talk to a professional executive, not your partner (if you are dating one)

They are not self-obsessed, but they will make you obsessed with them, their no-damn-given attitude, and especially their level of maintenance. These traits make any person feel nervous to approach these boy babes, and that's the reason mostly lesbians feel boy babes as out of their league.

They don't believe in revenge; they believe in success. Their hardworking souls make you drool over them but at the same time, their exhausting schedules can make you think about your relationship twice because most of the time, you people would be ended up having conversations over the phone or through texting.

Looks-wise, you can't find a single blemish on their faces because they maintain meticulously well and believe in natural products and hence they don't even look at these makeup advertisements too. Alright, they don't wear makeup or invest (in their case, waste) a lot of time on getting decked up. They carry a kohl pencil and a lip gloss just to make sure they can kill others through their looks and words!

They are not extremely feminine, but they look feminine even though they don't deck up so much. They are naturally blessed to have a salon look hair every second, including after they wake up. They look just perfect and are core minimalists. They never overdo fashion, hair, and makeup! All boy babes don't maintain short hair looks, some can even rock colored long hair with fringes and deep layers too!

You can find these boss babes, sorry boy babes, in Starbucks, corners of the sophisticated cafes, or even in the corners of the rooftop bars, but wherever you discover them, you see them with their laptops open right in front of them. Yes, they are workaholics. Therefore, if you are dating a boy babe, don't get offended if you get to hear you come next to her career. Just understand they love their work much.

Now that you might have already reached a point by concluding boy babes are confident. Indeed, they are straight forward. If an ignorant man approaches them and flirts with them, they don't hesitate a split second to throw sarcasm by mentioning themselves as lesbians. They are clear and open about their preferences and sexuality.

They seem more professional and less personal but if you render an extra effort to divert their attention, they will join you by shutting their laptops and take you on their laps to kiss you deeply. Sometimes you need to show off your enticing skills and seductive body to deviate your boy babe's mind!

Aren't they sounding a bit more masculine in the above-mentioned scene? Many pieces of research proved boy babes never mind mentioning themselves as guys in a relationship. Generally, homosexuals strike off this question if others ask a couple who is a guy and who remains a girl in a relationship. Some ignore, some feel bizarre, but boy babes are the ones who can proudly answer, by labeling themselves as guys! Another significant thing is they never hesitate.

They don't apply winged eyeliner to show their fierceness; they don't apply sultry red lipstick to impress others, they don't dress up in high cocktail gowns for company parties, they don't wear pointed heels to reveal their hierarchy. They don't care about their outer appearances because they know how deeply they are confident enough to nail whatever they accomplish!

But on the contrary, classy, sophisticated, down to earth, creative and experimental ladies are a huge turn on for these boy babes. They don't look out for typical women, but they surely like women who carry a personality and who are career-driven and passionate about things they love! So, if you are one among those women, wait for a day when a boy babe approaches you with dirty martinis. Well, they don't even hesitate to make the first move too!

Altogether, they throw these tough nut tantrums to all the women and make people think they are hard to approach but with a clear perspective and dogma, a true woman can complete the half-completed personal project of any boy babe! Understanding and maintaining proper decorum in relationships are the most important things for a person to get along with a boy babe!

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