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Things to keep in mind if you go out on dates with multiple people!

And it's not a flawed approach towards one's dating lifestyle. It is more than okay to see multiple people at the same time to get clarity before jumping into a serious monogamous relationship. If you restrict yourself with one person, then without your knowledge your whole world runs around that one person whom you hardly know and you may feel exhausted in waiting if that person takes way too much time to respond in any possible way. So to choose the right person to move forward with, towards a serious relationship, you need to level up your dating game with multiple people. But on the other side, you also maintain rules, ethics and limitation, so that you wouldn't end up jeopardizing yourself and others.

  • Respect the casual dating scenario without being a hypocrite. If you see multiple people and go out on dates with them, you can't be rigid when your dates do the same with other people. Hence, you don't have any right to question who they are going to meet when you expect them to do the same with you.

  • Stop expecting from the people you date. When they are genuinely interested in you, they surely put effort to reach you and ask you out again. Unnecessary expectations lead to disappointments. It is always better to maintain some healthy rapport without ruining it with complicated emotions.

  • Always remember the details of every particular person you go out on a date with, especially after crossing second dates. Because no one likes to be remembered as nothing and you need to continue the story by not forgetting your dating plot. And most importantly, don't mix up the information. It looks very weird if you call your date with the wrong name of the person you also see simultaneously.

  • To make things simple and easy to get clarity on whom to get serious with, go out on all kinds of dates with every person you like. It gives you a spreadsheet of the pros and cons of every person in every aspect at every place. For instance, people's behaviour changes according to various types of dates. If you go on a movie date with every person, you feel like dating further, you will get a clarity of differences between each person and their behavioural patterns towards you. If you do that on every kind of date, then you end up with that one person who fulfils every aspect of your dating checklist

  • Multiple people mean multiple options. Hence, you don't have to sob when one of them acts weird or ghost you or say some silly stupid reason to get rid of you or act annoying if you talk some serious things after crossing too many dates. Be what you are and don't get affected if the other person can't get you. You must act according to your instincts and get with the flow.

  • Multiple people don't mean considering unlimited choices of dating partners. Have a particular count and don't ever exceed the number because you end up ruining your peace and harmony by investing your every piece in every person. Always prioritize your mental happiness and psychological satisfaction.

  • There's no wrong in seeking sex with all the people you date but make sure you are comfortable enough to be naked in front of someone whom you hardly know. When you lookout for some serious partner through a casual approach, you shouldn't get into the hookup mode. If you do, then it becomes hard for you to get out of such casual dating moves.

  • Never hesitate to speak up about what you desire, how you want your partner to be and where do you want to see yourself in future in terms of personal and romantic connections. Disclose everything you want to know and get clarity by being authentic and also by letting people you date know about your dating ethics and scenario so that no one gets hurt or offended at the end of the day.

  • Even though you go out on dates with multiple people simultaneously, never broach the topics of another person when you are with any particular person. That gives a wrong impression and makes you look no lesser than a fool, also there are chances that you may get dumped or can't see the other person for further dates. So zip it up and be mature enough to deal with your dating lifestyle like an adult instead of making your romantic life, a joke!

  • Dating multiple people don't have anything to do with carrying multiple personalities. If you act kiddish with someone who is strong-looking, act elderly with someone cute enough and younger to you, act like a nerd with a book lover, act as a party freak with the most happening person in town, then one day you end up in a confusing mode. Because what if that person doesn't require you to have similar interests? The straightforward solution is to be the way you habitually are with every single person you go out with. Your hobbies, your desires and your needs must not change according to your dating partner. Even though you pull off all the multiple personalities, one day you get exhausted of it easily. So, don't allow unnecessary complications.

Transparency, integrity, exclusivity, individuality, maturity helps you a lot when you like to choose the right one from multiple people by engaging yourself in going out on dates with every single person you feel for. So play smartly!

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