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Things to keep in mind if you are dating a queer activist!

Activism is all about bringing change in society and people's mindsets or to just promote any social or political activity. Queer activism is everything about fighting for the equality and normality of the LGBTQIA+ community. People from the community fight for their rights and the acceptance of various queer sexual orientations. Queer activists are of many types. Some protest by conducting marches and pride walks, some arrange carnivals and meetings, some perform arts and theater to bring social change, some work behind the screens through writings, some provide social service to all the suppressed queer people and some work in various fields fight every day with their peers to mark their presence as Queer! Everyone is an activist in the community, but some people rigorously work and breathe for the community.

Wait, by now; you might have got someone in your mind? Is he your boyfriend? Is she your girlfriend? Have you ever been on a date with such activists? If you ever, then surely you must have known more about the community and less about the person. Well, it works like that for all the activists. They breathe the issues of community and won't sleep till they act upon them. Hence, you must perceive a few things to follow while you are dating a queer activist or in a relationship with one. Get used to taking many unicorn goodies and rainbow-themed gifts. Your queer activist partner always tries filling your life with rainbow colors in everything he/she gets to you. That's adorable indeed, but on the contrary, some activists stick to the color "Black" just to make sure they are still protesting every single day and fighting for queer rights. Life with activists turn out to be either colorful or color-blocked. Therefore, do not get offended. Accept the love as it is transparent and colorless.

If you are an introvert who is in love with a queer activist then hold your breath and try to be calm because your partner belongs to the crowd who shout aloud and who involve with too many people in too many events. Make sure you inform him/her about your introvert personality instead of struggling between choices. It's the same with people who are extroverts, but have psychological issues when they get into crowds or when they know they are attitude freaks. Remember, your one lame comment can piss your partner off and if you do it in front of the public, there are chances that you may degrade his/her image. Yes, most of the activists do bother about the public image though they fight and sometimes get bashed by people who are against. So, if you are not a people's person, then it would be better if you don't go along with your activist partner.

But the most adorable thing is supporting your partner in every step he/she takes. Love is all about supporting each other and if you try supporting them in any possible way, it brings happiness in them. So, try being with your partner in any kind of protests or events or carnivals, just to make sure he/she has someone to look after him/her no matter what. Being adjustable is one important thing a person must focus on if one dates a queer activist. Queer activists do not feel any abnormality in any of the sexual orientations from the queer community. They consider everyone as the queer without prejudice towards any of them. If you are gay and you never had a conversation with Transgenders, that may make you feel you uncomfortable, then be prepared to encounter people from other gender minorities and also experience many conversations with many unknown people.

Most of the activists lead a modest lifestyle, and their choices are very affordable and basic. Some even maintain a low profile, especially people who fight behind the screens and in private. If you are a person who opts for a lavish lifestyle, it may lead to some critical issues in relationships. So, before committing with an activist, always make sure you both wanted the same life and lifestyle choices, instead of facing hurdles later. You claim no right to imply on any queer activist to stop their work for the community, be it small or big. If you have issues with his/her activism and the way he/she reacts for the queer community problems, then communicate with them properly to make them understand they should change a bit how they deliver their points.

Some activists are aggressive, arrogant, and fighter-cocks. Protests and marches are the first options that enter their minds, no matter how small the issue is. If you are dating such angry activists, only your love can change them and change their way of approaches. Instead of demanding them to abandon the whole thing, you can encourage them by choosing mild approaches to sort the issues out. That's how a true partner would handle such issues. Unfortunately, if you end up making yourself as a choice and seek your activist partner to choose between you and the queer activism, then be prepared to break your relationship off. Activism is like an addiction. You can't take it from an authentic activist.

If you are in a live-in relationship, your house would be filled with a lot of rainbow flags, placards, speakers, message banners and yes most importantly please be patient with your queer activist partner especially with his/her obsession to collect pride walk badges or anything related to the queer community.

Understanding, communicative, adjusting, and supportive personalities make perfect partners for all the queer activists out there. Your queer activist partner may bring changes in many lives and inspire thousands of queer people who struggle every day. But he/she can do that work properly if you correctly support him/her. Love gives that strength to make a person inspire other people. Instead of dragging your partner down, be that love!

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