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Things to keep in mind if you are dating a Pansexual...

The dating scenario has been changing day by day for ages, especially in this millennial era, virtual dating routines are becoming a thing. Swiping left and right are deciding the whole scenario. It sounds modern, effortless and feasible. Because a person can evaluate another person through his/her bio sections in dating profiles. One key section in any dating app is the orientation. And we may bump into some people who label themselves as Pansexuals. If you ever find such profiles, and you are interested in them, straight away pose a question to those people by asking them "what's it being a pansexual?" Because 50% of people who come up with this orientation on virtual profiles barely know the clear meaning of the orientation.

Fortunately, if you receive a convincing answer from that pansexual person, propose a date with them to comprehend them properly. And if suddenly within no time, you decided to date that person for a while, you must know a few things to handle your pansexual partner. Before anything else, be prepared for the vastness of this particular sexual orientation. Start with understanding the concept of being Pansexual. It is all about sexually or romantically getting engaged with any person, regardless of gender and sexual orientations. Pansexuals can fall in love and also can hook up with a person whom they like. So, do not come to the conclusion that being pansexual means fucking around with every random person out there. The aspect of liking a person comprises the most critical factor. She may admire you because of your looks and traits. So never think she would fall for your masculinity because she could be the same person who loves to hang out with a lesbian too. Your sexual orientation and your gender appearances will never be considered as the essential aspects of your pansexual partner.

Be prepared to witness the non-restricted environment with your pansexual partner at least in your dating life. Pansexuality is one such orientation where the level of sexual freedom remains always high. So, try to open up yourself more to allow the broadness in your closed mind. Because narrow-minded people cannot survive with pansexuals. There is no mandate that you must also behave like a pansexual person just because you are dating one. Be yourself and be clear about what you want from your partner. Pansexuals get attracted to the inner personalities rather than outer appearances. If you don't grasp the broader concept of Pansexuality, there is no need for faking it that you discern it or like it. If you experience difficulty, just ask your pansexual partner to explain about his/her feelings. Communication is the prime key to any relationship. Just because your partner is physically and mentally enabled to be with any person he/she likes, doesn't mean that your partner must like polyamory or love threesome sex. Many pansexuals want to enjoy a monogamous life with a sole partner from any orientation. So, it is significant to have faith in them and their love for you.

Don't sound judgmental or annoying when your pansexual partner praises other people and their appearances. You must prepare yourself for all the compliments your pansexual partner gives to people around him/her. Because he/she admires every person. He may like the dressing sense of Transgenders and she may like the lesbian feminists. Never allow jealousy to conceal your love. Your partner may praise them, but feel fortunate and happy enough that you get loved by your pansexual partner regardless of the endless choices he/she has around him/her. Pansexuals equally belong to the queer community. So don't talk that they belong to a different planet. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed about your partner's Pansexuality. Because of the wider choices of love and sex in this world, they can be criticized by people easily. So take a stand for your partner whenever someone judges for being with them.

You will get to meet and greet people from various sexual orientations. So widen your mindset to get along with your pansexual partner's buddies. So, you can see a peculiar person and different behavior in your pansexual partner with various people. Because he can behave like a gay bottom to a gay top guy, she can talk about lesbian problems with her lesbian ex; he can cross-dress for his transgender pal, she can get into deep emotional talks with her asexual friend, he may feel like kissing his bisexual ex-girlfriend from school and many other things may happen. Pansexuality represent a vast concept with unpredictable combinations of various orientations. Your pansexual partner can be extremely versatile with almost every person he/she likes.

Consequently, before getting into conclusions and final decisions, think twice before you act. Be clear about what you require and also maintain some clarity about your pansexual partner. Just because you got a chance to go on for multiple dates with a pansexual person, doesn't mean he/she is wholly into you. Talk to them and confirm whether your pansexual date wants to be with you and try dating you exclusively without seeing the others. After a proper confirmation and commitment, you can think about being with a pansexual because if you are that monogamous person who gets possessive about your partner and cannot see him/her with anyone else, then you can never handle Pansexuality! Most of the pansexuals do believe in being with one person if they truly like and fall in love with a particular person. But some of them like trying people from various orientations to feel the vibes and their connection with them. So, proper communication and deeper understanding capabilities can make you a better partner if you are dating a pansexual person!

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