Things to keep in mind, if you are a "Throuple"!

For some, the term is new and some, they pretend that they don't know this term at all because they feel scared of people's reactions if they get to know the concept behind the term. Hypocritically, people are aware of threesome sex sessions, but not throuple - where three people come together to be in a romantic relationship with each other. There are many ways for three persons to become a throuple.

A couple with another person whom both of them love equally and treat that particular person as the love of their life. Three persons from various sexual orientations like gay, bisexual and lesbian can also be together as a throuple. Three persons from the same orientation who are connected with every aspect can also be a throuple. And finally, three random strangers who find their missing pieces with each other and want to be emotionally connected can also end up as a throuple. Regardless of various permutations and combinations of being a throuple, it's all about sharing love between three souls and bodies. But there are few things, a throuple must keep in mind and be cautious enough to take their relationship further. First and foremost, understand the normalcy of being a throuple and consider yourself as normal as these regular monogamous couples. If you think you are different and feel weird about your relationship, then you end up giving a chance for people to judge you. Hence, try to roam around and hang out at public places like a normal couple but with two people. Simple!