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Things to focus on Online Dating apps...

In this current scenario, where everything has changed from the Real to Virtual, one should know how to follow it. Right from groceries to food, medicines to movies, presentations to Sex, everything can be controlled and reached at the door step through online portals. The level of technology has wholly escalated to another level. In this millennial era, the concept of dating has also changed. But, Why people are still not finding their soul mates though they have an extreme knowledge of technology?

Well, not all times the technical knowledge helps you out to reach what you want. Because, dating isn't a job. It's a game of connections where only soulful existence matters and nothing else. And I'm not saying about Dating converted Hookup apps though. I'm only focusing on dating apps where one wants to get connected with other people in a progressive dating life.


It's really the best policy. Put your soul totally naked while texting your matched mate or your crush or your wannabe partner. It's really a major turn on and there won't be any fluctuations in your future dating life. Because, a relationship which build on a hell lot of lies is the most fragile one than anything. There is no scope at all for the futuristic plans because you end up covering up those lies and focus on them than your partner. So, Kindly show some kindness of you and your partner. Start it from the first text. Beginnings are always a good place to start. First impressions do matter right!


When talking about first impressions, let's switch on to initial conversations. The first and foremost text will actually play a vital role in changing an opinion about a person. I know that not everyone is so talented like Shakespeare to form a phrase which shoots the arrow straight into the heart. But at least one can try not to creep out or annoy someone with their first message. Please don't just send the Lame Hi, Hello texts to the other person. It's too basic like as if you are about to ask an address of the location to some random stranger. Try to frame a good phrase which briefly speaks about your personality. Maybe a subtle compliment about someone's profile would help you get the person. Because, people like when someone compliments the profile than just the pictures. That clearly specifies that you read about them and texted them to know more. It's a progressive thing indeed.

Please don't annoy people by complimenting them in an objectifying way. That's completely a turn off most of the times.


Your profile is like the first look of a movie. People totally judge you and shape you up in their mind after seeing your profile for the first time. So, please fill the important details that a person should know about you. Blank profiles are like trash in dating apps. Profiles with at least a few words attract people around your radar. Reveal few details and Maintain some mystery. People should get excited to ping you and know more about you.

You're definitely not showcasing your profile for some Sunshades Modelling auditions. So, please update the pictures which reveal your real face and the eyes are the beauty of a person. Don't cover them. The appearance of a person drastically differs with and without glasses. So, a good face click portrait may reach you to your soulmate out there.

Clear Image:

Not about the face and the pictures of yours in your profile. Have a clear image about you, the other person and what you actually want. Don't beat around the bushes to get to a point. Strike the conversations with clear perspective, because confused souls worth nothing. If you want to ask him/her out, better do that. Don't just wait for the other person to ask you. If you feel like asking something, please pose the question and get an answer. This straightforward approach makes another person feel interested and clear. Because, no one gives a damn to the people who are manipulative in this current scenario. So have some clarity and act accordingly. It must be followed and must be seen in the other person too. If someone lacks clarity, please don't waste your time and efforts on them. It's strictly unhealthy.


Flirting is Healthy. Over flirting is hazardous. So, maintain the balance of actin flirting. Give him/her a few hints that you like them and you are interested to meet them. Don't drag your emotions till they break. People expect quick replies and a continuous texting. Don't take someone for granted if they approach you first. They have all the rights to know the answers from you. Whether, it's a Yes or No, please let them know about it. Don't keep them waiting because no one likes to wait for something which is hypothetical. Give hints about everything, so that the other person can know what you are actually looking for. If they comfortable, they will continue the process, if not they will turn you down.

Most importantly, try to accept the rejection in a normal way. You don't have to feel bad if someone rejects you. Just think that you people don't deserve each other and have a hope that there are a lot of fish in the sea. And don't blame or act weird if the other person rejects you. Be matured enough to act according to the consent of the other person.

Have a Happy Dating life!

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