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Things to embrace about your queer allies as their queer pal!

A reliable queer ally always gets considered as the strongest support not only to a queer person but to the whole queer community and without any doubt queer allies make a queer person feel the utmost comfortable in society, especially among the ignorant and queerphobic crowd. But in the process of exploring one's identity and orientation, there's a slight chance of embracing those queer allies who accept, understand, stand and fight against all the odds as fellow humans. Pride month is not only about appreciating your queer personality but also recognising and embracing all those people who get along and bring the normality of your queer existence.

Even though it takes a lot of time to comprehend the whole concept of the queer community including perceiving how various identities and orientations work, there's an intense journey that lies for a person in becoming a true queer ally. In this modern scenario where the perspectives and perceptions are broadened enough, many people are happily observing themselves as queer allies be it families and friends of a queer person, colleagues of a queer person or any stranger who accept a queer person without spilling judgmental criticism. Here are a few things you must embrace about your queer allies as a queer person.

  • They have tons of questions to ask you, and they may come with constant doubtful opinions about various things about queer community; embrace their curiosity of knowing about your community.

  • The way you were once perplexed about your queer personality during the process of coming out of your closet, even they may feel confused about how your queer personality work in this society; be patient and embrace their patience in learning about your queerness.

  • Initially, you may find their patterns as microaggressive and you may even feel offended; they may not experience your queer world wholly, instead of getting annoyed or irritated, embrace their baby steps of committing mistakes in the process of analysing every constraint of queer community.

  • Love is love and they may ardently support your love towards another same-sex or queer person. It could be a regular love life to you, but heterosexual norms in society make any person finds it a bit different to straight people's love-life scenarios; embrace their support for your love and elaborate to them how your love isn't different from theirs.

  • Healthy jokes shouldn't be taken seriously and if your queer allies make fun of your gestures, dressing sense or even your behavioural patterns only to create some fun around, then know how to handle them by being humourous; embrace their light-heartedness, comfort and ease around you because no one spills their sense of humour unless they are comfortable enough.

  • At the same time, there's a chance that your queer allies may commit some blunders that may question your queer existence and the whole community; embrace their mistakes and try to nullify them by imparting some sense into them instead of deserting them wholly. We all make mistakes and we can only go ahead if we know how to forgive and forget.

  • On the other hand, those queer allies of yours stand for you when some ignorant or demeaning person devalues your queer personality; embrace their protection as they may crack jokes on you as dearest ones but they surely won't portray you as a joke in front of others, especially the haters.

  • Your parents may not grasp how all of your queer personality functions in society. Even though there's no need of explaining and elaborating everything as you may not feel extremely comfortable in sharing your queer scenario, at least embrace their presence in your life because there are many unfortunate queer people who are abandoned by their parents.

  • Don't give a damn to those cousins or relatives who find your abnormal and always question your queer presence and appearance but never forget your siblings or cousins who accept you the way you are; embrace the brotherly and sisterly bond as they make the closest queer allies of yours.

  • Best friends are god sent queer allies to you because no matter what and how much ever you fight them over petty issues or sometimes serious issues too, they understand and get along with you like no one else can as they know inside out of you; embrace their friendship and never neglect them when you are around your queer crowd or your queer partner.

  • In the journey of exploring your queer personality as a closeted or an openly queer person, you meet many strangers who don't even aware of you, your orientation or your identity but if they remain unwithered even after coming out to them; embrace those strangers as they don't judge you over your queer personality and also there are huge chances of them remaining your queer allies in the future.

  • Last but not least, you may find a few queer allies accepting you initially but may abandon you when you need the most, feel embarrassed about being with you in public, upsets you when you count on them for support, conditionally extend their support for name sake; embrace their petty mindsets, two-faced personalities and opportunistic behavioural patterns because they depict you the harsh realities by putting you down and they help you to figure out recognising your true queer allies.

This Pride month you must feel proud about having queer allies in your life and embrace every single one of them as they bring the best out of you by staying beside you throughout your queer journey!

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