Things to consider if your partner is only Queer-friendly!

Some people are extremely queer and whatever they touch and wherever they see, everything must spill queer vibes all around. These are the ones who are obsessed with their sexual orientation to inspire, motivate, and portray their pride in being queer, to the world. Due to their extreme self-love and love towards the LGBT culture, these people come out as strong queer personalities who can't be defeated when someone tries to suppress them in any aspect. Generally, these overtly queer-friendly people are mostly biased towards the queer culture. Are you dating one of such strong queer personalities and wondering how to neutralize such strong vibes? Well, that's kind of difficult, but you can consider a few things which let you get along with them by controlling their partial behavior towards the queer community!

First of all, don't think that your partner is weird and extremely obsessed with rainbows and unicorns. A very few people in the queer community are capable enough to appreciate every inch of their sexual orientations. Hence, be proud that you are dating one and most importantly never restrict your partner's genuine queer vibes because he/she loves to portray them to motivate others to come out and embrace the queer orientations.

You can see your partner with every kind of queer person in the community. His/her circle is filled with people from various sexual orientations except for heterosexuals. Yes, you must digest the fact that these queer-friendly people send cold vibes to straight people. Not because they don't like heterosexuals, it's just they feel that straight people don't belong to the queer community and they believe that their presence is unnecessary.

Sometimes, a few typical queer gestures towards the heterosexuals make you feel bad and shock you. Your so-called typical queer-friendly partner doesn't mind carrying the label of anti-straight just to prepare you for the most pessimistic scenario. So, be patient and try to understand his/her wits to trigger you just because you are fine with the heterosexual crowd. They try to change you but always make sure that you live the way you want to and let your partner know that you are not anti-straight.

Hetero-phobia is not a term to use for these kinds of people. But yeah, they have some hidden hatred towards the heterosexuals because of the history in which queer people got oppressed and killed. The activism in these people goes beyond the limitations and the love towards the community slowly turns into the hatred towards the opposite community. This particular phenomenon is kind of uncertain and lets a person drench in unnecessary thoughts and create unfortunate consequences. Hence, if you know that your partner is crossing his/her boundaries in supporting the queer community by degrading other communities, you need to tackle the issue with the utmost care, love, and affection.

Make sure your partner is meeting his/her heterosexual family members like parents, cousins, and other relatives. Let your partner spend some good time with the people who he/she is blood-related to and who are heterosexuals. This makes a person understand the emotions of other heterosexuals too because this family bonding lets him/her think about the behavioral patterns towards other heterosexuals.

There's always a hidden pain for every queer-friendly person. No one likes to hate a particular person's sexuality until and unless if there's a strong reason or a bad incident in the history of a person. You must let your partner know that not every heterosexual is the same by introducing him/her to your friends' circle who are completely supportive of the queer community. Make your partner understand that there are many heterosexuals out there, who support and love the queer community and queer people without any judgmental criticism.

Instead of searching online and watching all the queer related Netflix shows and movies, try having a date night by watching a good romantic and sensual heterosexual movie. The people who are only friendly with queer people think that the queer scenario is normal, and heterosexuality is just trash. Change such opinions by making him/her understand that every orientation is normal.

Do not let your partner only hang out with queer people all the time. Instead of attending to the queer parties and queer carnivals every single weekend, go out for a candlelight dinner like a regular couple amidst various heterosexual couples to make him/her understand that the world became normal and fine for every couple regardless of their sexual orientations.

Generally, the fear of getting oppressed, teased and criticized by other heterosexuals, makes these extreme-queer-friendly people behave offensive all the time. They always are in a fight mode when they are in public and everything seems to suppress around them, especially when someone giggles, laugh, or stare, even for various other reasons. These people think every heterosexual target them as prey to judge, hate, and criticize based on their sexual orientation. This is just a psychological assumption which many people in the queer community go through during their lifetime. But one can only get out of such state when one opens one's self to others like they open up to the other queer people. And if you are dating or in a relationship with such a queer person, you need to make him/her understand that the world is beautiful and pleasant even with the existence of heterosexuals. Bring out the normality of the queer scenario, even when you are among the pools of heterosexuals in one place. This will let a person comprehend the whole blend of various sexual orientations and respecting heterosexuality like how a queer-friendly person opens up his arms to other queer orientations!

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