Things to consider if you fall for a straight person!

Before continue reading this blog, you must know that sexual orientations are fluid and they are never stable. So, if you believe that heterosexuality must be a constant orientation of a person, then this isn't for you. Many studies have proven the fact that a person who claims to be a heterosexual can be emotionally, physically, and sexually engaged with a queer person. If you are gay or lesbian, you know how it feels getting attracted to a person, but stopping yourself to express it knowing the fact that a person is straight. It feels like an intense pain to be silently appreciating, admiring, and adoring a person, after knowing that you can never end up with that person to share your whole life.

Generally, every gay or lesbian has childhood crushes, and most of them are straight to the core and that's natural. But have you ever expressed it to those people and tried to find out how they would react to it? Do you still have the feelings for your childhood straight crush or do you find someone attractive and appealing who is heterosexual? If you can't resist yourself from falling for straight people all the time, then you must consider a few factors which may make you understand the real scenario.