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Things to be followed by Gay Tops before Planned hookups...

Hooking up is common in any community, be it straight or LGBT. It's all about counting on orgasms every single time. Hookups are getting common day by day. It's like having food daily. Of course, Sex is a basic necessity for human beings. But, in the heat of the moments, people are forgetting their own personalities and behaving like sexually desperate to end up having no orgasm for the day. Nowadays, people are starting their relationships with hookups. Because, sex is becoming the utmost priority for people in relationships.

What to say about this Millennial era? Can't really help it, though. So, when we can't change the era, we should get changed according to it. In the Gay community, this hookup word is very commonly used and practiced one too. Indeed, many of them have converted Dating apps to Hookup apps, because hardly people know the difference between those two words. But many gay men fail at these hookups in a very bad way because of many reasons. And these are the reasons which indeed depress these gay men, especially Gay tops mentally and physically too.

Anxiety and Curiosity: Always expect less from your partner, especially when you are going to meet a stranger for the first time. Expectations lead to disappointments. Disappointments lead to disinterests. Yes, if you expect more from the other person whom you are going to hook up with, be it intimacy, respect and closeness. If you don't get what you expect for, you will end up feeling disinterested in the sex date. Because, according to human psychology, anxiety increases the curiosity, and if the curiosity levels don't reach your curious mind, you end up feeling anxiety and sometimes, you feel like ending up the date soon or you may call it off then and there too. So, please don't expect more.

Desperation: That feeling of not having sex for ages has been totally indescribable. All the hormones rush in the body to release the excess testosterone levels by hooking up with someone. Biologically, these testosterone makes you lose your control of your mind. You end up acting weird and desperate enough so that your partner may end up calling you a Pervert after witnessing your desperate behavior. No one like desperate people and if you act as one, people may either take advantage of you or else you may get dumped right there. Being desperate in love is fine, but in sex, act normal, even though you are desperate enough to penetrate your partner publicly. Just fake it till you make it. Don't be too expressive in expressing your horny desperation.

Maintenance: Everyone cannot be a Play Boy Model, but everyone can be decent, looking like a boy next door. Do not overrate or Underrate your decking up skills for a hookup date. Because, if you overate, your partner may think that you are totally interested to take it further, that would be bad for people who follows "Fuck and Forget" rule, and also over dressing portrays the fake depiction of your personality. Well, if you underrate your own dressing style and go for a hookup date, as if you look like you have just woken up. You will definitely get dumped right there. Because no one likes to sleep with a smelly pig. So, buckle up and get ready like a decent looking person. The best way to dress for a hookup date is by sporting a well trimmed beard or clean shaven face with an evening casual look. Because, for you hookups are casual. Hence, you must portray it to the other person, whom you are going to hook up with.

Physical and Mental Stress: Physically one must be capable enough to have the energy to climax the sex date for a long time. No one likes short showers at all, especially in hookup stage. Know your moves and be clear about what you want. Don't take unnecessary Physical stress by eating more food for stamina and trying new stamina capsules or delay sprays for a long lasting sex. Take care while using the pills and sprays. Medically, be aware of what you are swallowing and what you are spraying. Because, if something goes wrong, forget about the hookup, your life will be in danger. Just be you, eat what you regularly eat. For the best performance in bed, eat leafy vegetables, bananas and eggs. Drink good amount of Almond milk or a fucking energy drink would make you gain calories to spend it in bed with your partner.

Some Gay top men have performance anxiety whenever they think about hooking up with especially when they get a good catch from these dating apps. Don't take a lot of mental stress about your performance, dick size and other assumptions about what's running in your partner's mind. Take a chill pill, it's just a hookup. You go, meet and greet, fuck and forget. It's just that simple. You don't need a validation certificate from your partner to proudly show it to the world right. Just perform as you regularly do and try to be experimental with positions. Don't try anything that you don't know. It may mess up the whole date. And if you think so much before even performing, that will affect your brain by being conscious about every single move. It's about progress, not perfection. It's about making imperfections in a perfect way. So, keep calm and give your strokes dude.

Emotional Connect: The one phrase which contradicts the whole scenario of hookups. Don't be an emotional fool and try to get connected from the first fuck you give. Don't share your personal and emotional stories. Most of the people don't like cry babies in their bed. And please don't utter those three magical words like a pervert while you are inside of them. You hook up with a person out of lust for the first time. So, don't prove yourself as dumb by spilling the love words while hooking up. It's an utmost turn off to many.

Share your basic details and interests. Talk to them in a respectful yet naughty way to make them feel secure, safe and interested in you. Be simple and honest with your partners. That's a major turn on to any person.

Last but not least, Life is not a Porn movie and not everyone is a Porn Star. So, don't compare yourself as one and act as if someone is directing your session and cast you for porn channels. Comparing it to others always drive any person towards the negative path. Be you and perform like you. Be the gentleman and act according to the consent. Just because you are ready to hook up for sex, doesn't mean the other person also has to do the same. Understand the meaning of hookup in your partner's brain and act according to it. Because, a forceful sex is indeed Molesting and Rape.

Hope all you gay top men find my observations useful for your upcoming hookup sessions. Have fun and yes, be safe and play hard.

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