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Things that specify your addiction to toxic relationships!

Have you ever thought about why you constantly fall for the wrong people and end up dealing with the toxicity of your dating partners? It is annoying sometimes to see yourself in situations that don't befit your personality but those become inescapable because of your naivety in choosing the right person to date. After messing things up constantly in your romantic life, you may even start blaming yourself for being involved with such toxic people in your life. But does self-blame helps? It demotivates your zeal toward love and deranges your dating lifestyle.

After losing your self-esteem, self-respect and self-love, you will end up getting addicted to retaining toxic relationships by agreeing to whatever comes in your romantic life no matter how toxic your partner behaves. Gradually this makes you feel satisfied with the unhappiness scenario in your romantic life and when that happens, you completely become numb in terms of love, respect, trust, passion, affection and attention. Hence, you must know a few things that alert you from not getting addicted to such toxicity.

  • You start ignoring the red flags in your relationships even though they are quite evident due to fear of losing your partner and also fear of not finding love again ahead.

  • You remain distressed, discontent and dissatisfied all the time, but never complain about it and in turn, try to adjust to the situations that demean and devalue your existence in your relationship.

  • You praise your partner regardless of his/her disgusting treatment of you and you think that's love and you feel that your partner deserves to be forgiven all the time even though you get hurt every single moment in your relationship.

  • You unknowingly love narcissism and fall for intense narcissists who are egoistic to the core and deeply self-obsessed. After dealing with so many narcissists in your life without trying to get rid of them and always getting dumped by them as a piece of trash, you still search for love in narcissists. Don't you think you are addicted to toxicity?

  • You simply try to suppress your urge to confront or fight against all the odds in your relationship by thinking that you may lose an argument and maybe the whole relationship.

  • You also try your level best to say nothing to your near and dear regarding the toxicity in your romantic life because you think it is not a big deal and quite unnecessary to share private things even after getting badly treated in between the four walls of your bedroom. You somehow skip the topics of love and relationship whenever you hang out with your people because you feel nothing.

  • Slavery in sex is a role play for having temporary fun in terms of being experimental in bed. But if you love to be treated as a slave by getting treated like an animal and never recognized as a human with feelings and emotions, then it is high time for you to come out of such demeaning thoughts. After many people sacrificed their life all around the globe to end slavery, don't you think those sacrifices mean something that lets every human claim the right to live with respect?

  • From ignoring the toxic behavioural patterns of your partner, you gradually start enjoying such patterns because of the emotional and physical constraints in your relationship. Pain is pleasureful only if it makes you gain an orgasm out of love. But if you see yourself being okay when your partner leaves smoking marks on your body, bruises on your face and emotional and mental ill-treatment, then you are addicted to toxic people and love to entertain toxic relationships.

  • After all these humiliating situations you face with your romantic partners in your dating life, you unknowingly search for someone who dominates you and try to eliminate all the good people in your life because you come to a point where you think hurting one's partner is Love. That's mortifying and the opposite of love. You must change your definition of love as soon as possible.

Addiction to toxicity comes in the form of lowering your standards and getting easily adjusted to undignified situations a human can never think of. Toxic relationships make you sick psychologically even though there is no involvement of any physical abuse. Love is all about providing pleasure to each other and overcoming pain together as a couple and that's called a true relationship. Anything other than that, especially a bond that fills with toxic approaches towards one's romantic partner, then is not a relationship and no one on this earth deserves such kind of destructive life.

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