Things that shouldn't make you feel insecure if you are single!

Relationship status is one of the main things that affect the peace and harmony of a sobbing insecure single. But don't you think being single is a relationship status? Then why do you do a lot of drama inside out of your silly insecurities? There's an underlying interconnection that starts from being insecure to being jealous to being toxic and regrettably, that does no good for you and your evolvement in your romantic life. Sometimes your singlehood may make you feel insecure unintentionally and if you get along with those you lose yourself, especially that tender side of yours. Hence, it is important to realize such things that make you feel insecure to protect yourself from the negativity that builds within you.

If you are single out of choice, better enjoy it and don't propagate it to others. A few people who remain single for a good time feel comfortable in self-dating mode and it is quite okay because no one should force themselves to get into a relationship. But it doesn't mean you need to encourage others to be single always and demotivate people not to step into a relationship. This specifies that you are alone, and you need someone to tag along with the same relationship status as yours. So, stop bothering about others and don't feel insecure about your choices.

Similarly, if you are single because of your breakup issues and dealing with the post-breakup trauma, try to see things optimistically instead of considering everything under the light of pessimism. Just because your partner left you, it doesn't mean everyone would end up like you. Face the reality and try to live in the reality even though it takes time for you to digest your romantic rupture. Never pose your post-breakup singlehood ideologies on people and make others feel doubtful about their relationships. If you do that, it portrays you as a loser in front of people, because no matter how much ever you try to influence people out of your noble protective intentions, they do the things that they want to do. So, calm down and take a good break by enjoying your singlehood.