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Things that make you believe that your dating partner is perfectly normal...

Being normal nowadays is a rare thing, especially in terms of dating. Finding a person who is nice without any underlying conditions in the queer community is something out of common. Of course, people must be nice but at the end of the day, the definition of being nice changes from person to person. In a queer dating scenario, if you get someone who can understand you completely and make some efforts to treat you the way you deserve to be treated, it is a big thing. In simpler words, finding a perfectly normal partner is like getting a true soulmate.

Few aspects make a person completely normal with zero complications but you need to realize, recognize, observe and notice such aspects that make you believe that the person you are dating currently befits the concept of normality. Keeping aside the generalized opinions of people around and typical societal norms against the queer community, almost every queer person wants someone normal instead of people with too many extra add-ons, complications, and implications. Even though a person is controversial, edgy, extraordinary, and too much to handle, some aspects make that person also a normal partner on whom you can rely.

If a person collapses all your typical negative judgments soon after, you talk, meet, date, and even get into a serious relationship, then yes, that person is nice. Don't be egoistic, just see how the person has evolved and escalated one's image in your mind. Isn't it nice to have someone who brings positivity around you by crushing your negative approaches, thoughts, and impressions? If that happens in your dating life, your partner is simply nice!

If your friends and family easily fell in love with your partner, then yeah be proud of your choice because most of the time, your pals and cousins judge way too much when you show someone you date. Out of everything, if your partner is someone whom your mom would like, then yeah your partner is perfectly normal.

Even though your partner is not highly educated or studied abroad, if he/she makes a nice living, leads an affordable lifestyle, is completely well settled without any financial restrictions, then yeah your partner is normal and truly inhabited. If you need someone rich, spends a lot of money on you, and leads a lavish lifestyle, then you surely miss out on the aspect of normality. Money is never a priority for normal people; it's always relations and people that matter the most for them.

These normal people may not be the handsome ones or beautiful ones if you consider looks, but these people truly make you feel good and beautiful all the time no matter what. It's not the aesthetic appearance that matters, it's inevitably the emotional attachment that drives a couple to survive a relationship forever. Your partner may not have typical good looks but always maintain a decent public appearance and carry oneself always groomed and maintained, especially when he/she is with you, just to make sure that you don't feel disappointed in front of others. If your partner makes an effort to dress up for you, then yeah he/she is a perfectly normal partner.

Normality comes out of tender gestures, appreciations, and observations. It has nothing to do with grand proposals, extraordinary preparations to shower love, and most importantly self-boasting arrangements. If you date someone normal, your daily life goes smooth, you always get noticed and you surely feel satisfied. Keep this in mind, if you are sleeping and waking up with a good feeling about your partner or with a trust of getting back to your partner even though you have worst fights between you, then yeah your partner must be someone who is normal and can be handled well.

Speaking of fights and arguments, needless to say, every couple goes through harder times especially while getting to know each other and also even after appreciating each other completely, but only a truly loving nice partner can erase everything and try to get things better to make the relationship flourish as normal as possible. It's hard to find such people who can make the whole dating scenario feel completely normal even after facing various relationship struggles, physical worries, and emotional hurdles.

Being normal isn't easy as everyone perceives. It takes a person's deep dedication towards one's romantic bond to portray the whole relationship as smooth going normal partnership. So, strictly speaking, being normal is difficult. You can build abs if you go to the gym but you can't build trust and feel your partner safe so easily. You can be rich enough to buy anything, but you are never rich enough to buy happiness and satisfaction. You can be this easily moving on a person after encountering the barriers and get out of them, but it's very difficult for a person to be in a relationship, fighting for it, standing for one's partner, and trying to take a bond further.

And if you persuaded someone like that, never miss that person at any cost and if you are dating the true replica of a normal partner, then you can take things further for better commitments and if you are still finding someone, try to look into the normal aspects as they are very rare!

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