Things queer couples must consider for publicly displaying affection!

The phrase "Love is in the air" has developed because of the couples who exhibit their love and affection towards each other publicly without hesitating and bothering about the surroundings. Previously, it was typically confined to be a part of a western culture where people were allowed to kiss their spouses publicly. When it comes to the queer community, due to restrictive cultural norms, two men or two women were not allowed to even hold their hands as most of the queer couples used to maintain their relationships in a discreet manner. Things have changed drastically and now in many parts of the world, the LGBTQIA+ community is accepted in every possible way and the queer couples are no more restricted to display their affection towards each other publicly.

Isn't it amazing that two men can hold hands publicly with utmost affection and care, two women can kiss without thinking twice, a bisexual polyamorous couple can portray their innocent intimacy publicly to portray their relationship? Thanks to the change in the queer scenario, now queer couples can publicly display their affection towards each other in various ways. But there are limitations for every emotion and that also implies the emotion of love too and hence, queer must keep a few things in mind before crossing their limitation while publicly displaying affection!