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These 'I's will improve your intimacy with your partner unintentionally!

Emotional and physical intimacies are crucial for a relationship to excel stronger and better gradually. It is casual to become physically intimate with someone whom you love, also few people start their relationships based on their physical intimacy after they get attracted to each other. Notably, nowadays, in this modern scenario, most people find their partners after getting physically connected with each other and of course, later shift their focus to emotional intimacy too. To be crystal clear, many of us find others physically attractive first and then get into them after getting emotionally connected. But do you identify the element of physical intimacy elevates more after a person explores one's emotional intimacy with one's partner?

By all means, it takes time to know the other person's emotional side and don't you think it is important to know it as it improves your physical intimacy better than before? A few traits of a person unintentionally play a vital role in improving intimacy in a romantic relationship and even though they unleash the emotional side of a person, the physical intimacy also evolves. This is the very reason why couples who are into each other without considering looks, maintain that charm of physical intimacy better than many couples out there, especially the ones who be with each other out of physical attraction.


Beauty will be appreciated genuinely when brains are acuter. Sapiosexuals get attracted to brains more than beauty indeed. Don't you think a person's intellect is important to drive a passionate relationship with utmost charm and spirit? A person's professional career has nothing to do with a person's intellectual capabilities. Being spontaneous, smart and shrewd in a relationship makes a couple explore each other better and the level of curiosity and excitement stay intact regardless of the span of the relationship. A person always feels satisfied and cheerful when one's partner is intelligent enough to handle any kind of situation. And when that happens, automatically the attractive aspect elevates. This is how physical intimacy gets improved after getting emotionally intimate with your partner.

Instead of feeling jealous and insecure, you must feel delighted for having such an intellectual partner by your side and if you are that person whose intellectual capabilities are strong, then you don't have to suppress them if your partner cannot get along with or restricts you. At the end of the day, relationships are all about supporting each other. And don't miss someone who appreciates your intellect more than your body structure because they are the right one for you both physically and emotionally.


It became a fashion trend for people nowadays by restricting the element of love with a phrase that says, "Love sucks." But hardly people grasp the eccentric concept of love. It is pretty easy to plan hookups over virtual apps, random sex affairs with people from various nooks and corners of the world, friends-with-benefits bonds out of commitment issues, and no-strings-attached agreements out of trust issues but it takes a lot for a person to fall in love and to be in love with trust and passion.

Your ideology of love encourages your partner to remain with you emotionally and physically. No one in this world likes to be abandoned in love. If you are a person who wants to survive a romantic relationship by putting effort, investing energies and manifesting eternity with constant growth in love, then your ideology of love depicts the immortality of unending love. Who can resist improving intimacy in every possible way with someone constant, sustainable, reliable and lovable enough regardless of all the hurdles and barriers one faces in one's intimate relationship? Your genuine ideologies unintentionally improve intimacy in your bond.


It is indeed a blessing or a boon but some people are intuitive out of maturity and facing endless experiences in their life scenarios. Predictions are different but planning carefully by being cautious and conscious, portrays a person's ability to tackle unmanageable situations. It shows a person's ability to defend, educate, influence, inspire, entertain and even evolve one's partner. Romantic relationships aren't all about physical and emotional connections, they are also about psychological, mental, financial, social and societal balance. Many people fail at maintaining such balances in their romantic bonds and they fail ultimately.

If you are blessed with such, an intuitive partner never loses that person out of your immaturity and incapability of understanding that person. Also, if you are intuitive enough in your intimate life, never hesitate to express your opinions in any matter because if you believe in yourself, it improves your romantic life. Because, if you prove your intuitions to be right, then your partner appreciates you and tries to understand you better without restricting which builds emotional intimacy between you both. Within no time, you will see the difference in your physical intimacy too as your intuitiveness acts as a cupid arrow in your relationship.


Even though romantic relationships step into a person's life after family and friends, the intimate bond we make with a stranger-turned-special someone, always remains exclusive but it takes constant efforts to make it remain unaffected. Unknowingly, every one of us feels inclined towards one's blood relationships and friendly attachments and may fall into a dilemma when a person has to choose one's romantic partner against them.

The element of impartiality in a person pops out when that person stands for one's partner against all odds for a worthy cause and with constant support. Many marriages in this world fail because of a person's biased nature towards other priorities than considering one's romantic bond as one of the top priorities. There's a possibility of taking one's partner for granted and advantage of one's position in one's romantic relationship. This is when a person goes wrong and creates the benefit of the doubt in one's partner's mind regarding the reliability of a relationship. Nothing is more intimate than standing up for your loved ones and this impartial trait of a person unintentionally improves both emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship.


Remaining the person, you are without any distractions and deviations regardless of your choices and options by maintaining the commitment, trust and passion for your partner, proves your integrity. In this modern era, integrity became a rare trait in people, especially with the availability of various escaping and coping mechanisms with the constant evolution of technology and virtual connections, it is easy for any person to fall out of a relationship by getting attracted to someone other than one's romantic partner.

The cheating factor became almost common in many breakup scenarios these days, and it is all because of not being honest and giving up on one's ethics. You can be in love only when you wholly commit yourself to your romantic partner without getting involved with any other person emotionally and physically because that proves your chaste nature of being in love. If you lose it, you can never revive your romantic bond and can never rejuvenate your opinion of love. So if you remain loyal to your partner, it improves all the levels of intimacy in your relationship because no one can resist devoting to someone whose uprightness spills honour and harmony of love.

If you are someone who possesses every unique trait that is mentioned above, then you are the ideal person to love and to be in love with. So whatever may come, never give up on love and never restrict your pure traits because one day you get someone who understands every single one of them also if your partner is this ideal one, then cherish that person by being true to that person and by adopting those traits to live a happy love life.

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