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These are the reasons why people try one-night stands!

Until and unless you stop considering the concept of one-night stands as a sin, an abnormal dating practice, or a desperate dating lifestyle, you can never understand the beauty and positivity behind this whole one-night scenario! And also stop being conservative, rigid, restricted, and ignorant by believing that one-night stands are all about SEX! The element of physical intimacy exists but not completely.

No one has a right to criticize a particular aspect without knowing the nooks and corners of the whole concept. There are a few reasons which make you re-evaluate your ideology regarding one-night stand dating choices and surely make you try at least once in your life regardless of your dating ethics and emotional commitments because this concept has nothing to do with any kind of attachments!

  • Have you ever tried escaping from all your bonds, especially from your romantic connections, and dreamt of taking a break and spending time with someone whom you don't know, just to share things that you never shared? Yes, one-night stands are the best choices to get rid out of your emotional blues and feel completely different for at least one night with a random person! Surely, not suggesting you cheat on your partners but when you are on a break, you can spare a one-night wholly for your explorations, right?

  • No strings attached is the main motto of any one-night stand. Hence, a person doesn't need to worry about follow-ups and any kind of attachment. It's carefree, simple, sensual, satisfying, and utterly casual. What's wrong with trying something which involves zero emotional complications?

  • One-night stands make a person feel, physically, sexually, and sometimes mentally valid. Sometimes we crave attention, and we desperately want to be felt attractive, seductive, and exclusive. If some random person approaches you with his healthy flirtatious phrases and asks you out to spend a night with him, regardless of your opinion, you feel good deep down. Of course, accepting and denying the proposals are completely up to you, though!

  • And yes, there are fewer chances to worry about rejections because if you are worthy enough at your moves and clear enough with your dating perspective, you hardly get rejected if you ever approach someone who also wants a one-night stand arrangement. Your proposals mostly get accepted because there are no strings involved.

  • A lot may happen in one night but at the same time, if you know that you don't have to be with the other person the next day, you have nothing to worry about. No matter what happens, how either of you feels in bed or while having conversations, you both would know that you are going to be apart the next day without carrying forward things.

  • Not everyone believes in enduring relationships. A few people keep things short and sweet and some of them, hardly bear another person more than one night. Hence, if a person believes in living in the current moment and not thinking about the past and the future, a one-night stand casual dating lifestyle befits the most. There's no wrong in appreciating the present by eradicating the past and not giving a thought about the future!

  • This one sounds a little crazy and extra too, but we all do feel in the same way when it comes to enticing and attracting people towards us. We sometimes purposely commit a few acts that make us explore things further. One-night stands are never meant to be more than one night but every person derives a guilty pleasure of knowing whether one's sexual or physical or sometimes a mild emotional partner would make an effort to get in touch after spending a night. Well, that's how most of the one-night stands turn into booty calls and sometimes may slowly slip into soulful connections too!

Aren't these reasons enough for you to understand and change your perspective towards one-night stands? And if you still feel one-night stand scenario isn't your type of dating people, then you must respect your opinion and get along with it, but without throwing judgmental criticism on people who choose one-night stands as their type of casual dating scenario! Period.

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