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There's no more, one more!

Are you sure that you will always be loved by your partner until the end of your life? Regardless of your commitment statuses, do you believe in leaning on the shoulders of the same person eternally? Regrettably, the current generation hardly knows the meaning of eternity of love because we love instant noodles than a delicious recipe which involves too many ingredients and takes a lot of time to prepare. We encourage spontaneous reactions than well-explained theories. We bully old-school thoughts, and we believe in thoughtless approaches. No offense, it's not trying to prove the millennial era wrong, it's making you understand the drastic difference between previous generations and us, especially in the concept of love!

Currently, a person with a single partner is considered as boring whereas a person with hell a lot of ex-partners, breakups, and love affairs. is considered as cool. In the queer community, this is moderately a trend. The community which shouts a loud "Love is Love", consider the eternal love as cliche. Well, how many of you have ever asked a fully committed couple about their wellness and love-life? And how many times have you inquired about a particular play boy's current dating life? Compare the ratio and check yourself. Being with one person for an incredibly long period is extremely difficult than being with too many people at regular intervals of life. Both the choices are right, but you can't degrade the couples who are completely committed to each other no matter what.

This is why there's a huge void between elder generation queer couples and millennial generation queer couples. Approach a senior gay couple and ask them, do you believe in forever love? You will get a straight answer without any complicated explanations. Now, ask a millennial gay couple, the same question, the answers may mislead to other questions for sure. And we millennials, think that eternal love is a hypothetical element in a person's life. Why aren't we so sure about being with the same person we love all the time, till the edge of our lives?

Because we prefer multiple choices than fill in the blanks. If you consider love as a question, we ask for options whereas the previous generation queer couples, just try to fill their blanks of love with one accurate right answer, no matter how much time they take to fill it. It's metaphorical. But don't you think we are so habituated of having options in education, lifestyle and also love? Unlike us, the senior queer couples follow their hearts and instincts carefully and stick with one person by crossing all the hurdles to attain the eternity of love.

If you think, going for three dates, proposing and accepting each other with sophisticated gifts, making each other's friends and families meet, and coming to the conclusion that you are that eternal love couple, then you go completely wrong. If you think only a marital or legal commitment can make a couple, gain that forever love, then you are quite ignorant. Do you know many of the senior queer couples are together without any marital commitments and legalized commitments even today? Because unlike us, they aren't fortunate enough to legalize their relationships back then. But still, they are happy with their partners sharing their lives with them for a very long time. This happens only when there's a proper connection between two persons.

Those two need not be, having similar interests and equal opposites. Two people from two different extremes can emerge as a power couple if they believe in each other and handle their emotions which distract them away from their relationship. A person can have too many options in the form of various kinds of people from various tribes in the queer community to explore sex, emotions, and commitments. But a person need not explore them. There is an option of getting undistracted away from the person we love. But that's getting harder for our generation. Instead of checking ourselves and our contribution in a relationship, we simply throw the blame on our partners and we come out of the relationships easily to get into the other one! We believe in options, hence we explore them!

Options are always available to a person. But choosing those options is the main option for any person. If you choose to fill your life with an imperfectly perfect loved partner, then you don't think about choosing the option of exploring others. Is it that difficult for our generation? Not at all, because there are many gay couples and lesbian couples out there, who are leading their love-life with their partners for a very long time by crossing the hurdles, facing the emotional disturbances, balancing the personal and professional commitments, encountering the judgmental criticism for belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, and many things. But the question is do we even consider them as true couples or recognize their existence? No, instead, we try to criticize them for their boring lives with the same person. Wait, for having sex with the same person!

If sex is everything to you, mark these words in your mind, sleeping with too many partners is less exciting than waking up beside the same person every day. Only a few can get that difference. Only the ones who follow the rule: there's no more, one more! This may sound like an old-school philosophy, but this works if you want to have someone beside you when you are in your sixties. Eternal love is very difficult, it needs constant efforts, understanding, communication, adjusting capabilities, and holding capacities. And it is attainable.

Enormous respect to all the queer couples out there who are spreading the love vibes to the society to prove the concept of eternal love. And a huge tribute to all the senior homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, and also asexual couples too!!

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