There's no more, one more!

Are you sure that you will always be loved by your partner until the end of your life? Regardless of your commitment statuses, do you believe in leaning on the shoulders of the same person eternally? Regrettably, the current generation hardly knows the meaning of eternity of love because we love instant noodles than a delicious recipe which involves too many ingredients and takes a lot of time to prepare. We encourage spontaneous reactions than well-explained theories. We bully old-school thoughts, and we believe in thoughtless approaches. No offense, it's not trying to prove the millennial era wrong, it's making you understand the drastic difference between previous generations and us, especially in the concept of love!

Currently, a person with a single partner is considered as boring whereas a person with hell a lot of ex-partners, breakups, and love affairs. is considered as cool. In the queer community, this is moderately a trend. The community which shouts a loud "Love is Love", consider the eternal love as cliche. Well, how many of you have ever asked a fully committed couple about their wellness and love-life? And how many times have you inquired about a particular play boy's current dating life? Compare the ratio and check yourself. Being with one person for an incredibly long period is extremely difficult than being with too many people at regular intervals of life. Both the choices are right, but you can't degrade the couples who are completely committed to each other no matter what.