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The ways to deal Old school Millennials!

These people are rare and unique in this current scenario of dating because they don't believe in swiping left and right on their smartphones, indeed some of them don't like using smartphones too. All they believe is in searching for a soulmate out of serendipity and the pristine connection. For them, their hearts send a few signals to find their partners. Yes, they do believe in heartache when they see someone special in their life. They speak to hearts and sometimes fumble upon their words rather than framing sentences in their brains to pick up people randomly at places. They feel their instincts, not their genitals. Their eyes always try to meet the eyes of the partners and not the boobs or boners of their partners. They simply are romantic than erotic.

The concept of Old school seems cliche to millennials nowadays. Though some of the millennials do believe in old school romance, they just pretend to be someone to fit into society. And some seem ultra-modern in their approaches, but opposite when it comes to love, feelings, and emotions. Simply, the flavor of Old school can never get out of a person, even though a person tries hard to get rid of influencing one's love. Old school love is all about the tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, ethics, perceptions, way of conveying, modes of communication, expressions, and many more in a truly classic way like those old English movies, soulful Urdu Ghazals, description of love by famous poets from ancient times and everything which is vintage. That's the beauty of old school love and that's how some of us who love being old school is taking the heritage forward.

  • Many of the millennials get confused when they encounter the other millennials who are indulged in old school habits in love. Hence, the dating gets little drifted because of the misunderstanding and miscommunication arises between two people who are opposite in a way of approaching the current dating scenario. There are few ways to get along with these old school millennials to experience the classic love story of your life.

  • Things must be slow with these people because they don't believe in rushing up things, though you have to tackle a lot of rush because these old school millennials are just hard to ignore. The best thing is, even though, they see you rush, they won't say anything. They just watch and try to get along with you. So respect each other's approach in love and balance it with proper communication.

  • There would be a lot of differences in tastes, likes, and preferences in the concept of the arts. You may like EDMs, Pop and Rap music, whereas he may like classics, jazz, blues, and country music, you may like going to movies and concerts, whereas she may like attending museums and plays, you may like junk and he may like home-cooked food, you may like being sensual whereas he may like being sensitive, all you have to do is understand each other by embracing your tastes and preferences.

  • The best way to get blended with each other's personalities is to try living each other's preferences and adjusting and understanding the concept of opposites in your love life. Dating always needs good communication between two people. So, listen to him/her and try to acquire rather than just speaking your version and conveying your words.

  • Follow your old school partner's wishes sometimes and also made him understand your world and your way of approaching love, because it's not only about you getting into his world, it is also about understanding your world too.

  • Old school doesn't mean he/she must be treated as vintage people and under civilized. They are just old schools in the dating scenario and in love, which means they are equally accessible to the current trends and technology and also they get everything that happens around the society.

  • Do not irritate them by just being sensual all the time, trying to hook up with them. That is such a turn off for them because they like to be more romantic and feel special about you. Their way of imagining you hot is different than yours. It takes time for them to process the whole you and the interesting fact is they understand you to the core because they analyze every single bit of you.

  • Don't prove yourself as smart, just because you are a techie millennial. If they don't follow the trends it doesn't mean they don't know about them, it's just they don't like to try them which doesn't befit with their personalities.

  • Their way of love is pure, slow, consistent, stable enough, rooted and intensely powerful. Try to appreciate it than complaining about being good. Because many of those so-called trendy millennials compare their partners with others, which irritates old school millennials.

  • Remember one thing, that your old school partner is incomparable to others because his perspectives are way more intense than others could ever imagine. Embrace his/her personality for being sweethearts and do not embarrass them by comparing them to others.

  • Old school millennials also come with regularity in their time schedules. They are particular about their habits, time sense, theories, preferences. As many of us are totally into this flexible lifestyle scenario, it takes time for us to get along with those particular timings. So, try giving your time by adjusting your schedules than asking them to get flexible, which is difficult. Some may change and some can't. So, go with the flow. This is what the basic mantra of Old school Millennials, going with the flow.

Dating is all about knowing and understanding each other by blending two different worlds to form a world with a few adjustments and controlling features, then only a person can date another person. And this rule must be followed by all those couples who are very different from each other, especially the relationship between a 21st century millennial and an old school millennial.

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