The ways to deal Old school Millennials!

These people are rare and unique in this current scenario of dating because they don't believe in swiping left and right on their smartphones, indeed some of them don't like using smartphones too. All they believe is in searching for a soulmate out of serendipity and the pristine connection. For them, their hearts send a few signals to find their partners. Yes, they do believe in heartache when they see someone special in their life. They speak to hearts and sometimes fumble upon their words rather than framing sentences in their brains to pick up people randomly at places. They feel their instincts, not their genitals. Their eyes always try to meet the eyes of the partners and not the boobs or boners of their partners. They simply are romantic than erotic.

The concept of Old school seems cliche to millennials nowadays. Though some of the millennials do believe in old school romance, they just pretend to be someone to fit into society. And some seem ultra-modern in their approaches, but opposite when it comes to love, feelings, and emotions. Simply, the flavor of Old school can never get out of a person, even though a person tries hard to get rid of influencing one's love. Old school love is all about the tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, ethics, perceptions, way of conveying, modes of communication, expressions, and many more in a truly classic way like those old English movies, soulful Urdu Ghazals, description of love by famous poets from ancient times and everything which is vintage. That's the beauty of old school love and that's how some of us who love being old school is taking the heritage forward.

  • Many of the millennials get confused when they encounter the other millennials who are indulged in old school habits in love. Hence, the dating gets little drifted because of the misunderstanding and miscommunication arises between two people who are opposite in a way of approaching the current dating scenario. There are few ways to get along with these old school millennials to experience the classic love story of your life.