The Underrated World Of Drag Kings!

We lived in a male dominated world where women were supposed to stick to the homes and look after the children. Now the tables were turned and currently we are living in the society where women can be seen in any industry including technical and creative streams. When it comes to entertainment, women have accomplished no lesser than men by setting the graph at par level. All these years of fighting for equality has almost paid off and this is the very reason now women are also be seen in stepping the shoes of a man, including the world famous drag platforms!

Wait, are you wondering why I'm making you ruminate the accomplishments of women since ages? There is a connection. Because of these developments, many women who found their unmatched bodies with their souls, have stepped ahead to transform themselves into men. Isn't it a very big step for a woman to step out of house and transforming herself into a man under too many societal pressures from kin and kith? Indeed, it is very hard for a woman to transform into a man than a man into a woman. But, do you think the scenario of those transformed men and women is the same? Have you heard of "Drag Kings"? Yes, most of us are completely aware of famous drag race shows where men or trans-women showcase their skills by dressing up conventionally in feminine clothing. But a very few of us know the existence of drag kings in our society!

Drag kings are particularly women or trans-men (female to male transgenders) who entertain the audience by appreciating the masculinity through their clothes, make-up and various artistic performances. But these drag kings are very rare and are completely underestimated and underrated. With the world which is running hell lot of drag queen shows and events filled up with queens, there is hardly a show which is confined to drag kings particularly and events barely encourage drag kings to spill their artistic sides on stages to entertain the audience.

So, are we fed up with men or else are we still bothered about women entering in every industry? Comparatively, drag queens are everywhere where as drag kings are hardly seen in the picture. There are many famous drag kings in the world but you can easily have a good count on them where as drag queens are countless. Do you know that drag kings face more criticism than drag queens?

These queer artists who dress themselves as men, has to face the toxic masculinity judgments while pulling off their male performances amidst judgmental audience. We enjoy the grace of a woman and wildness of a man. This is the human nature. Pulling off a tough masculine personality is more difficult, but still there are some cis-gender women, homosexual women and trans-men who are coming forward to appreciate the features of masculinity by flaunting them in every possible way!

Drag kings shows are not just about applying makeup and attaching fake beards and mustaches. They are all about dancing, singing, comedy, theatrical performances and even lip-syncing of top male pop artists around the world. Drag kings almost try to convince a person to make them believe as men and they successfully attain it with their body gestures and postures. In the United states and London, there are some reality television shows which particularly cast drag kings for some sensual, energetic, impressive and thoughtful male performances. But, in countries like India, the number of drag kings are lesser than the fingers of a human.

Is it that difficult for a country like India to accept women as men? Indeed yes! Here the concept of masculinity is completely toxic, oppressing, dominating and demeaning. Fortunately the scenario has been gradually changing day by day but sadly there are parts of India which suppress women under their ridiculous restrictions. So, it is kind of difficult for a woman to dress up as a man because that is considered as stupidity and being over ambitious. Whereas if a man dressed up as a woman, he will be considered as an artist or in some place people also worship. Yes, purest form of hypocrisy!