The transformation of a metropolitan to a metrosexual...

Interests make us choose our preferences which indeed let us realize our likes and dislikes regarding any aspect of life. Do you agree if someone says that your lifestyle choices can sometimes influence your approach towards other people? Regardless of your orientation and gender identity, your thoughts about choosing a person as your romantic partner, are sometimes based on the lifestyle you lead and also the life you want to lead further. Well, there is no wrong in it, because everyone has their tastes and preferences regarding their loving partners and sometimes those can be influenced by a person's zeal to lead a dream lifestyle!

We meet many people in our lives who always want to look out for opportunities to erase their country or small-town background to fit themselves in the crowd of urban, polished, and elegant metropolitans. Some of us can't understand such people who always try harder to become a metropolitan because of their shimmery and glittery dreams. It sounds annoying, but some people are truly obsessed with their lifestyle goals by getting educated in top schools, getting placed in top companies, and getting engaged with other metropolitan people. Yes, everything is interlinked. Think deep, you will get to understand the real scenario.

There are two kinds of people: the dreamers and the dream chasers. If you born and brought up in a rich lifestyle with a rich background in a posh metropolitan city, after a while, you may feel it as boring and hence many people from the rich society always invest in farm properties and beach houses to get away from the metropolitan rush whenever they want to escape. Though these people are metropolitans, they never put too much effort into getting engaged romantically with another metropolitan. They are even happy in getting to know the other side of the word by exploring the elegance in minimalism.

Here come the dream chasers, these people always want to be in metropolitan cities and hang out with other metropolitans. These people dream of maintaining a proper metropolitan lifestyle. Some of these are the ones who hail from small towns, villages, and countrysides. After being fed up with low-key profiles, these people chase their dreams of building their metropolitan lifestyle just to gain some name, fame, and join in posh clubs, become members of the greater society. All they do is to lead an elegant life, and they only look for someone who can understand their dreams and get along with them to uplift their social status, financial status, and the value of their lifestyle.

The obsession towards becoming a metropolitan or the habitual environment of metropolitan cities makes a person, gradually emerge as a metrosexual. They try to maintain themselves, their appearance, their surroundings, their status, and most importantly their cultivated metropolitan labels. They always look the same traits and constraints in other people under the name of love, relationship, or commitments too! They don't like dating people who don't fall under the roof of a true metropolitan.

This seems a little distracting for people because here the social status and sophisticated labels matter most than the emotions and feelings involved in love. Especially if you are a person who considers the other person's feelings and character more than anything else, then it gets difficult for you to digest these appearances-mattered preferences and tastes of a metrosexual person, be it straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, or whoever it is.

If a metrosexual person finds someone appealing and alluring after accepting the other person's gender identity and orientation, he/she will surely look into the metropolitan status of the other person, knowingly and unknowingly. Some metrosexuals don't accept this bitter fact and strike off that they won't look into another person's status, but gradually in one or the other way, a metrosexual person can never get out of his/her metropolitan mindset and adjust to lead a regular lifestyle like others.

If you aren't a metrosexual person, you consider a true metrosexual person as a person with a plastic heart who only cares about the status and appearance. But that's wrong. Some of us like to be with a person who is similar, not opposites. Some people have the mindsets of exploring the opposite person's world, but some people like to explore the mindsets of a similar world to emerge as a power couple in the same world and that's completely okay.

Most of the intense metropolitans turned true metrosexuals, like to get romantically involved with people who are also the metropolitans, because only they can be able to understand their obsession with shopping, financial expenses and investments, lifestyle choices, and polished society. So there is no wrong in searching and looking out for a person who can understand your tastes and preferences. Hence, stop considering the metrosexual men and women as the people who are with no feelings and emotions under the name of love. They express the feeling of love in their elite way and they choose their partners who can match their metropolitan standards. Simple!