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The thing between your legs & Gender Neutrality!

Do you remember your parents mentioning the thing between your legs in a terribly embarrassing way? Yeah, especially Indian parents try hard to talk about the terms penis, and vagina, hence they just call it "the thing." Jokes apart, our Indian moms don't call their husbands with names, they just mention them as the father of their children or the son of their mothers-in-law. This is how typical Indian parenting works. They don't allow their children know how babies are born. Instead of taking sex into the picture, they talk nonsense about god's blessings as if every day is Mahabharata and every mother is Queen Kunti. In this typical Indian society, expecting people to understand the non-binary and especially gender neutrality is too much to ask for.

Even now, there are many parts of India, where people don't have any idea about menstrual hygiene and basic sex education. And recently, in metropolitan, smart, and capital cities, with pride marches, the queer community people are spreading the awareness of essential queer education. Our schools don't provide the curriculum for sex education, so making people understand your non-binary personality is one hectic task. How can you think, it is easy for people who have been following the gender-binary for ages, to understand the suppressed non-binary? Gender identities like male and female, the typical behavioral patterns and personality appearances including dressing ethics have already designed by some unknown dominant perverts in history. Though non-binary gender identities visibly existed in history, they were always oppressed.

The involvement of sexes in depicting the genders is one of the biggest flaws of society. The concept of genitalia is wholly different from the concept of gender identities. Till date, the pronouns of he/she represent the only accepted ones to mention any person. People get confused with transgenders, whether to refer them as him or her with no respect for their preferences of how they want to be referred to as. Unfortunately, we Indians got too habituated with these pronouns of a typical male and female and we refuse to accept other pronouns like they/them/their which must be used to mention a non-binary person regardless of singular and plural grammatical rules.

Your penis doesn't define you as a tough man or your vagina doesn't label you as a graceful woman. They are just sexual organs that are blessed to humankind to make love and to produce babies, especially for reproduction, and to expand the biological cycle of humankind. Instead, we tag a child's penis/vagina to gender by considering as male/female and also we refer that baby with his/her pronouns. And after he/she grows up and observes the fact that he/she was never interested to be called a "He" or "She", then it takes a person to experience too many hurdles to make others including the people who gave birth to that person, to consider as non-binary!

In the critical society of India, this is a common story of every person who carries that thing between one's legs to be specified as either of the genders though that person never wanted to be identified as a gender! That's what Gender neutrality is all about. But do you think that the process of choosing "Mx", instead of Mr. and Ms. is easy? A big NO. In India, transgenders are currently identified as the third gender, and still, in many applications, the options of male, female and other, are making people confused. The pronouns of they/them look unusual and laugh-worthy to 3/4th of the population. Fortunately, the remaining people are clear about their gender identities but the nation and society never tend to understand the concept of gender neutrality.

Gender neutrality is a common term to mention every gender identity including terms under gender-binary and non-binary. It satisfies all the gender identities existing but simultaneously it is also about not focusing on any of the genders. Because the aspect of gender is completely neutral and has no value. It has nothing to do with a person's penis or vagina. Sexual orientations belong to a different scenario that gender neutrality doesn't even consider. Though She is identified as a female and lesbian by the world, if that particular person is gender-neutral, the title must be Mx and the pronoun must be they/them! This gives that particular person identification of gender-neutral personality.

"Mx", represent a mixed title that is given for people who want to be identified as both male and female and in some countries, "Misc" also used as the same mixed-gender under gender neutrality. In these people, the feminism and masculism exist in a blended way with no respect for any of the gender identities. But some people, don't like to get identified under the roof of any gender identity. The aspect of gender act non-existent in these people and hence they like to refer to as "Ind", which stands for "individual." Is it tough to understand such a non-cliched simple title and collective pronouns without any gender discrimination?

India must ready to accept gender neutrality, not just as a fashion trend with unisexual clothing, but also in every possible way, physically, legally, emotionally, personally, and professionally. To make it happen, if you identify yourself as non-binary or gender-neutral or any of the identities other than male or female, try exposing yourself to the people. Try hard to make them understand, take a stand to value your personal choice of gender identity and on top of everything, explain to people that the things they got in between their legs have nothing to do with how they feel for themselves under a particular gender identity!

Gender neutrality is new and a completely out of the box according to the Indian society, but it is natural and completely acceptable worldwide. It's time that the nation needs to interpret the fundamental terms and it's time that you need to make others understand!

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