The Succinct scenario of Queer Lifestyle in Hyderabad!

The decision of travelling from Delhi to Hyderabad for the exploration of metropolitan mindsets regarding queer lifestyle was partially worth my time. Because there was hardly any open and public queer lifestyle in Hyderabad. My first few days in Hyderabad were kind of a waste of time to know about the aspect of homosexual structure. It was mere stupidity of mine to expect people in Hyderabad to be too open to the society regarding their sexual orientations.

Everything was just restricted to the virtual mode and nothing was real. The initial vibes from Hyderabad has totally made me believe that there was no queer lifestyle existing there. It was just about the Dating apps which were converted literally into hookup apps and people were mostly about looking for sex and nothing more than that. They didn't have proper knowledge about the LGBT terminology too. There was a lot of hypocrisy among people while dealing the other person in Dating apps. Just because the whole scenario was in dating apps virtually, I couldn't be able to find people mingling around with each other socially in public. People are closeted to the core.

The percentage of people who were out of closets and proudly presented themselves with their sexual orientations was very low. I hardly found a very few who weren't confused and had clarity about what they were, what they needed and what they wanted to give. Gays were just treated as substitutes for girls in terms of sex. Strictly and frankly speaking, men in Hyderabad just wanted to fuck the holes or poles to get fucked. The Fuck and Forget the concept in Hyderabad was way more advanced than Delhi. I know, no two metropolitan cities could be compared. But, Hyderabad was actually a developing metropolitan city. The process was still in progress, say it's about metro stations or the mindsets of the people.

A Conservative was the one apt word to describe people's mindsets. There was utmost hypocrisy, judgmental scenario, provoking concepts, meaningless definitions of dating, and many more disgusting things. It was only 20% of open minded people existed in this Metropolitan city. The judgmental criticism was way more than Delhi though. I shouldn't sound stereotypical, but the typical South Indian environment has influenced the Queer people not to come out of the closets. The ridiculous family, societal and peer pressures in popular corporate scenario of Hyderabad were the reasons behind the oppressed queer lifestyle.

Hyderabad was famous for its Corporate Lifestyle and one could find many people who belonged to the LGBT community, but most of them were just restricted to the dating apps like Grindr, Planet Romeo and Blued. People were kind of habituated finding people online for fulfilling their sexual pleasures. To the contrary, people were emotional and open to the possibilities. They kind of diluted the word called "Friendship" for getting things done. It was a sad thing to comprehend for people. Some were afraid of getting things disclosed, some had commitment issues, some were bad at approaching others, some were too demeaning, some were too emotional, some were crazy dick heads though.

To simply depict the average queer scenario in Hyderabad, one could say that it was null and fake. One could find 60% people in dating apps were straight who just look for quickies and who treat gays as sex slaves. I'm not saying this by assuming something in my mind and by having, something against Hyderabad. The city belongs to South India and being a South Indian, I must be supporting the scenario, but I didn't find any big reason to portray the queer scenario in a positive way. Whatever I heard from the activists, people who were from the community and my acquaintances, the queer scene was quite shallow.

At first, I got discouraged myself after knowing that there was no proper flow of information regarding the LGBT community except those hell lots of notifications of lame message which oozes the desperation regarding Sex. But I put myself to meet people and get content. By God's grace I found few interesting yet informative people who helped me study the realistic life of a Homosexual person in the city. I have talked to few local gay acquaintances, few high profiled people and also few connecting souls too. Because of them, I got to perceive the real queer scenario in Hyderabad. They gave me a hope that there were some hidden stories lied under the masquerades on people's faces. I started exploring them and mostly found them.

With a total 360 degree view, Hyderabad was all about busy traffic roads, food and corporate life. The corporate life was mostly lifeless and all the outer appearance of it was made by many sugar coatings, but in depth, there was a lot of mess, molestation, abuses, suppression, monarchy and politics. Imagining the queer scenario, in this kind of common metropolitan scene was harder. Because, if the normal scenario was that bad, how could a person have guts to come out of the closet and live the way they love. Influences like Parents, Family, Friends and especially Judgmental society made many queer people just restricted to their closets and they were habituated in dealing their lives being closeted. There was no proper queer life in Hyderabad.

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