The stupidity behind being romantically stubborn!

Being romantic is different from being stubborn. Likewise, being stubborn is different from being stupid. But unfortunately, people cross from one stage to another stage in love and blend all these elements according to their convenience. But do you think, it is acceptable and should be encouraged to bloom a relationship under the name of love? Mostly, all this happens unintentionally and sometimes people can't even recognize how they are behaving with their partners. We think it's love and anything can be accepted but indeed, love doesn't work like that.

Romance is that one element that brings flavor to a bond, a relationship or a commitment between a couple. This factor entertains the souls of two bodies and makes them love each other more. It could be out of like, lust or love, but those feelings of getting into each other physically, mentally and emotionally are considered as romantic feelings. And this is when a couple must hold their horses properly, if not they direct you to a different field where war would be the only answer. Hence, to get rid of such unwanted, unexpected and unnecessary emotional disaster in one's life or in a romantic relationship which blossomed out of love, a couple must control their feelings and emotions in every possible way.

Because these romantic feelings give birth to the deeper connections and a person can take his/her partner totally to himself/herself and may take each other for granted and this can be a serious issue in a relationship. Initially, a couple strives to get into such a bond where each other must take granted and also crave that righteousness on each other. And when this happens, a couple comes to a place, where each other feel to share every single aspect without hiding and also feel that they must seek each other's will and wish before taking any step in their lives.

If a couple gives each other, some space and respect each other's freedom, then things can be easily sorted if any issue rises further but it becomes difficult if they invade spaces and question each other's freedom. And this happens when a couple gives each other priorities and involvement in each other lives deeply. Whenever you keep your decision-making capabilities in another person's hand, you should always go with that particular person's decision, especially it becomes tough when two people are in love. Gradually, having rights and advantages of love, a person can become restricted and over-controlling towards his/her partner.

And this is when stubbornness arises in romantic relationships. This is when people start fighting for timid issues. Some don't want their partner talk to others, some don't like being with their partner's family and friends, some people want their partners to stick to them every second, some take control of their partner's career and financial preferences, and indeed some people control their partners' lifestyle choices too. Think deeply, you will get to know. Because a person can never resist himself/herself doing something which brings happiness to his/her partner. With this one adorable reason, people start controlling, accepting, overpowering and in the end, they may even start faking to make their partners happy. Well, this could be the downfall of a romantic relationship.

Still, there will be many choices for people to set their things back to normal and can love each other without getting drifted away. What if, a couple cannot recognize what they are up to? What if a person starts enjoying controlling his/her partner or always act stubborn to get his/her wishes fulfilled by one's partner? Things become utterly serious and cannot retrieve a bond out of such stupidity. Yes, when a person becomes romantically stubborn in his/her relationship, then he/she acts completely stupid, worthless and apologetic forever.