The sensual way of celebrating V-day if you are single!

You don't have to be committed or run behind people or to make your presence online 24 hours in search of a date to accompany you on valentine's day when you can appreciate your presence and embrace the existence of your naked soul and body. Last year you might be with someone and this year you may feel like being alone for various reasons, be it because of your break up, long-distance, complicated relationship, introverted nature, or else your singlehood personality. You can still celebrate Valentine's Day without someone's presence beside you. Indeed, you can have your own rules of celebrating the day!

You can plan for a solo trip; you can cook your special valentine's dinner, you can shower some self-love by shopping, by grooming yourself, or by spending lots of hours in spa sessions. After you are done with everything, at the end of the day, you may still feel lonely, don't worry, it's time to get naked and be dirty. It's not valentine's day if you don't feel the sensual nature of your personality and for that, you don't need a partner to accompany you.

All you need is some exotic fragrances around, scented candles to elevate the aroma, fairy lights to create the mood, a freshly made bed with fresh sheets so that you can mess it up sensually. Have a deep detoxifying hot shower by cleaning your body with aromatic scrubs. And get ready by moisturizing your whole body with your favorite lotion or body butter without leaving an inch.

Masturbation is an act of self-love and self-appreciation. Instead of following your regular ways of unloading your load, try something exotic and deeply erotic to experience the newness of your sensual personality. The first cardinal rule is to never spend Valentine's night in a regular possible way. Be experimental to the core.

Stock up with lubing gels, aromatic oils, cock rings, vibrators, dildos, anal beads, all the sex toys you have. Thoroughly cleanse them up nice and don't miss out using every single one of them. Make sure, your holes must feel relaxed and also satisfied with sensual pleasure.

Set a sensual scene and strip off your clothes off. Be naked and be comfortable. Caress every single part of your body and realize how blessed you are to be alone and embracing your presence. Oil up your genitals, use sensualizing lubes to evoke some sensations in and on your genitals while using your sex toys.

After deeply lubricating your genitals, always start with your fingers. If you are a person who likes to get penetrated, just use your fingers to reach every corner of your butt hole or vagina. Start with two fingers by making circular motions and after reaching inside, spread your fingers in V-shape, so that you can feel sensations in two different places at one time. That's the power of V and make sure you follow this technique as Valentine's Day ritual.

If you want to be intense and experimental, you can make two V's with four fingers and if you are into BDSM, you can try "Fisting" your butt hole!