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The sensual sex massaging techniques for a perfect arousal...

Massage is an art. It relaxes a person physically and mentally. This is why many throw bucks like anything to get relaxed for a few hours under the soothing hands of professional masseurs. Sex is also an art form that can be blended with other art forms to make it more intense, wild, and playful. Believe it or not, massage plays a prominent role in a long-lasting sex session. Instead of swallowing pills and sniffing poppers, you can naturally control the span of your sex session and also get rid of premature ejaculations. Remember, it's all in your hands.

You don't have to be professional masseurs to work with oil or powder on your partner's bodies. Who knows, if they like your massaging, they may slip into sleep too. Hence, don't display your massaging skills completely, especially if you are a skilled masseur. The sex massaging techniques are the ones that help a person to get relaxed and to become more active, not to feel soothing, and to feel sleepy. Understand the difference. Sensual massages are all about sensual touches. And these techniques are not at all applicable for people who get into quickies, bondage, or wild rough sex.

If you are a lover of Vanilla sex and a person who wants to make love in a romantic yet intense sensual way, then yeah, sensual massaging techniques help you get deep into your partner physically. It all starts with a single touch. Do you know our breathing fluctuates when someone handles us sensually, which makes you sure that you are about to get aroused? Hence, skin to skin contact plays a vital role in making a person aroused during the sex session. So make sure your fingers and palms always play with your partner's body.

Before undressing completely, step behind your partner and slowly run your fingers from the top of his/her body till the waist and start playing at the hips. The sensual notions at the waist help a person to get aroused and in midway start stroking the neck part with your lips. You can kiss, lick or slightly bite. You must perform all these things by being behind your partner by pulling closer to your body so that your partner must observe your arousal through your hard genitals. For a few minutes, don't stop massaging all around the hips, finish it up by cupping your palms on the genitals of your partner( on pants or inside the pants).

Chests or breasts also have sensual simulations that only be felt after nipple stimulation. Nipple stimulation is all about licking and sucking the nipple with tongue or slightly biting them with teeth. Spread your fingers on the chest by placing your base of the palms. Put some pressure and help to circulate the blood flow from the upper torso which helps in the complete arousal of a person. All you have to do is run your fingers sensually and if your guy has a broad chest, give a slight punch by making a fist signature which helps him feel proud about his bare-chested manhood. Massaging techniques also include psychological arousal. Women enjoy when their boobs get grabbed sensually, not forcefully. Hence, always send the warmth of your body by cupping your palms against the breasts of your partner.

When you give a blow job, to make it more intense you can follow a massaging technique with constant pressure and force. Instead of holding your partner's penis in your hand and sucking deeply, try holding his dick in your mouth and run your hands all over his body from shoulders to waist. Don't forget circling the nipples to make him harder so that you don't have to handle his manhood with your hand as a support. Everything is interlinked.

When you give a rim job to your bottom gay partner or when you eat pussy of your girl, in addition to your tongue, you must also use your hands. If you enjoy rimming the ass of your bottom gay partner, to make it more intense and to make him feel relaxed and stretch his butt hole Furthermore, you need to play with his butt cheeks. Slap on his cheeks and extend your fingers from the thighs to the butt crack on both sides to meet at the center of the butt crack. This constant massaging helps him to feel more relaxed and stretch better which also helps you to penetrate your tongue to eat his ass better. And if you eat pussy, let your partner lie by facing the ceiling and while you lick, sensually play around her navel. This will make her a bit ticklish, but it promotes her to relax better for intense oral sex.

Penetration; the one sex act which is both pleasureful and painful. Hence, to reduce the pain constraint and to elevate the arousal effect, one must get into sensual massage during the intercourse. Penetration is kind of less painful than getting penetrated, hence your passive partners deserve some sensual massage on their bodies. When he is on top of you, make sure you run your fingers all over his body. Just touching the skin or placing hands on hips or shoulders won't help. You need to gently do circles with your fingertips by slowly grabbing the waists with pressure.

Similarly, the gay bottoms who sit on their top partners also must follow the same. Don't forget to use some sensual moves around the neck. This may help him get engaged with you in the skin to skin physical touch. Sensuality must be from both sides.

If you are in a doggy position or on top of your partner, instead of pulling her hair to feel the wildness, you can use the same pressure in pressing fingers on the vertebrae or by running hands all over her back till the butt crack to make her feel the sensual notions. Gay tops must also follow the same partner to reduce the pain constraint or to ease your bottom partner to relax his butt muscles.

So now, do you still think that you need to be professional masseurs to do all these things on your partner's body? Following these techniques surely brings the change in the comfortable nature of your partner and due to the constant arousal out of these sensitive touches, a person won't feel nervousness, anxiety, or quick motion for quick ejaculation. Relaxation helps a couple to manage sex sessions last for longer spans. I hope you will follow them tonight or next time you make love with your partner!

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