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The search is always "ON"...

Feelings are unpredictable and fluid, on which a human can never hold his control. The satisfaction levels of feelings always escalate to its saturation point and after reaching, they pause for a while, but get drifted away and choose a new path to excel in life, in every possible way. Love is one of the major emotions where a person's control is always out of his hand and humans are designed in a such way, well, most of us, except those godly spiritual souls who either restricted themselves from love or completely offered themselves to one person for whole life which also needs the utmost dedication, devotion, and discipline.

These all stories happened, heard and written in the past eras. Thankfully, we are in the millennial era, where people never bother about the commitments of love and relationship. It sucks, but it is true. Love is one such emotion that never makes a human fully happy and satisfied. It needs more than expected from a person, in an unexceptional way. Most of us struggle hard to get that one person who loves us unconditionally and in an undivided way. We talk to too many people, sleep with hundreds of them, test many out there, select a few out of them, date a very few, dedicate to a single person (because we think loving many is unethical), still love a few of them, get heartbroken by some of them and we become single very often though we experience love many times and after becoming single, we still search for that one person who can love us the way we are.

You might be one among those people who would have gone through all the procedures of an ethical dating scenario and you also might be that fortunate one who got the person whom you like the most as your partner. But, aren't you still searching for something more than you have? Maybe some trait is missing in your current partner and you still crave for that one factor forgetting how fortunate you are right now. As expected you still search for that one person who comes with this additional love factor you are looking for which is missing in your current partner. The question is does this search ever ends? Do all our wishes in love, ever be fulfilled? Can we ever get that full package of a dream partner in one person?

Unfortunately, we too know that the answer is "No", but our instincts never let us stop searching for something we don't have. Humans right! We search for diamonds even though we are blessed with tons of gold coins, we crave for luxury couture even though we are blessed with branded clothing, we dream of having a huge mansion even though we are blessed with cozy protective homes, we constantly search for some nonexistent dream partner, though we are blessed with a person who loves and takes good care of us. The fun part is we forget about the worthier things we have in the search of unfulfilling fantasies because our feelings always escalate which makes us think that we can excel better than before. It is good to elevate our personalities, lifestyle, and love, but it is surely not recommended to think beyond what we are capable of acquiring.

There are many happy and satisfied souls out there who have experienced and still feeling the utmost love from their beautiful yet deserving partners. Some of them reach the happiness threshold and stay there for some time, but they start drifting apart when they realize that they can get better and deserve more or feel worthier than before. Take it as greed or attitude changes or the status rise financially and personally, to always equalize with others, some of us drift themselves apart from having a happy life and mess it up at the end.

Feelings are good until we have control over them. If we give a chance to them to rule over us, they will reign and take you to the dead end. These feelings must be cherished when you think that you can do better and deserve more materialistically and bodily too. But, when it comes to love, do not search for someone if you already have the best one in your life. Do you think there will be a better superlative beyond the best? That's just a myth and pleasing to hear, but practically, it doesn't exist. A person can be greedy in terms of money, name, and fame to some extent, but he should never be greedy in love or being loved out of his abilities. Love is related to heart and mental peace, if you stuff it more, it will burst one day and who knows you either end up alone or seriously hurt. Get hold of your feelings properly and off your search if you get someone who deserves you and whom you deserve the most.

We, humans, crave for controversies and complicated life. Some of them strive hard for turning life into a simply happy one, whereas others always end up complicating even more by constantly searching for something else than what they have. The search is always "on" for them. Still, the control is always in your hands, you can stop searching or you can continue searching for whole life for something you don't get!

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