The reasons why your partner feels disenchanted with you in your relationship!

Disenchantment is one kind of a disappointment that leads to utmost dissatisfaction and displeasure when it doesn't get noticed or utterly gets neglected. Notably, if it happens between two individuals as a couple, things become ideally worse because of the things that indeed remained best in the past. Habitually, when you don't get something you want after raising your expectations, you feel disastrously disappointed and you may end things but if you feel disenchanted, you see yourself in a critical dilemma between continuing and ending things. Sad to relate, this disenchantment phenomenon can be seen typically in couples that are committed to each other for a long time.

Have you ever asked or confronted your partner regarding his/her/their unlikely behavior around you with a tint of discomfort and hesitance? If you haven't even after observing such change lately, then you could be the first reason for your partner's disenchantment in your relationship. Don't wonder why, because it's a harsh truth to accept one's own mistakes when you purposely or unintentionally create scenarios that may make your partner feel disconnected from you on different levels. Other than you, here are some of the reasons for your partner's disenchantment in your romantic relationship:

  • Not sharing common interests where your partner can barely find the base level to strike up a conversation with you regarding the topics he/she badly wants to discuss with you.

  • Not being available whenever your partner needs you the most, especially in cases where your presence must remain inevitable with no excuses.