The reasons behind every cross-dresser to cross-dress!

The world of a cross-dresser is normal yet different when compared to others. Their orientations may confuse us, but with crystal clarity, they lead their lives by appreciating their appearances especially through their clothing. The dressing attributes play a very prominent role in the life of a cross-dresser. A man who opts for female clothing or a woman who opts for male clothing daily or occasionally is treated as a cross-dresser.

You may find many transvestites on the streets who ask for money by clapping, who also attend people's homes to grace their festivities to bless a newly wedded couple or a newborn baby. You can encounter them in many parts of India. All of them are cross-dressers but of a little variation. These are handled in a demeaning way who always gets attacked by people's hypocrisy. There is a difference between a transvestite and a cross-dresser. Unlike cross-dressers, transvestites always prefer maintaining the same dress code, like a permanent cross-dresser.

Now you may wonder, what makes a cross-dresser opt the cross-dressing style temporarily. To clear the clouds, you must observe the fact that a cross-dresser can be of any orientation including heterosexuality. As it is completely about opting the opposite sex clothing, all cross-dressers need not be Transgenders. Trans-women are not at all considered as cross-dressers though they wear female clothing. Because the orientation itself portrays transformed personalities, hence, trans-women and trans-men dress according to their orientation to match their souls with their bodies.

You may think that who are these people who prefer a cross-dressing style? Well, as mentioned earlier cross-dressers can be from various orientations who consider the various reasons to get into the shoes of a cross-dresser. Some reasons are completely funny whereas some reasons are typically intense and emotional.

Have you seen men flaunting mini dresses in bachelor parties? Have you identified Indian men wearing saris on their shirts in various events especially to mimic females? The same with females too, who dress up as men to imitate their partners, fathers, or brothers. These kinds of cross-dressing events are utterly tagged as fun moments. It's either to degrade the other gender or else to have fun by teasing each other. These people irk others, especially the ones who make fun of the queer community.

Entertainment is a recreational aspect. It is one kind of art that let people around appreciate a person's ability to pull off art in a gracious way. This is why you see many people, especially men appear in female clothing to entertain others by singing, dancing, performing theatrical drama, etc. Have you seen the movie "Dream Girl" by Ayushmann Khurrana? He has nailed his performance as a female by being a male and occasionally cross-dresses to entertain people with the roles of epic females, Sita and Radha. These theatrical cross-dressing appearances make cross-dressers get treated as an entertainment aspect.

Emotional satisfaction is one intense reason for cross-dressing. Many stories in many parts of the world left people teary-eyed because of the hidden personalities of many men and women. Some men may feel like women sometimes, but due to societal pressures, they cannot reveal their feminine side. In the typical parts of India, men are unallowed to cry in public, always expected to get into fights, expected to dominate women, etc. Though some men don't want to do all of them, they showcase fake masculinity for the sake of others. These are the very men who close the doors and in between the four walls with ultimate darkness, they drape saris or wear female outfits with kohl in their eyes and makeup on their faces to dance, sing and behave like a female in front of the mirrors to satisfy their feminine emotional side.