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The phobia to deal "Aphobia/Acephobia"

Yes, it exists too. So much is happening in the world and still, some of us don't have a minimum knowledge of the sexual orientations of the people, not because we are busy to know, it's just we are more restricted to learn new things and indeed ignorant. That is why most of the asexuals finds unsafe to label themselves as the people with a sexual orientation called "Asexuality" and the people who are averse to this particular sexual orientation are "Aphobics" and the phobia to encounter and mingle with asexuals is called "Aphobia or Acephobia".

You don't have to shock or surprise in coming across this new term. This term also suggests the same concept as Homophobia, Transphobia or Biphobia. The phobia which tags along the asexuality is considered as Aphobia. The silly thing is, because of some of the ignorant crowd out there, even asexuals feel confused about their orientation and they feel afraid or rigid to mention themselves as asexuals. This indeed means, unintentionally, some of the asexuals are aphobics too, which is a shame on the part of humanity.

Instead of comforting others, we degrade them to the core and we become reasons for ruining their lives. And what can we expect from a person who gets afraid to defend people who degrade him/her? Isn't it the meanest thing ever to throw a person into the bushes of fear about one's own sexual orientation? This world runs on the pure stream of hypocrisy. Are you wondering how?

Well, if sex is the ultimate portrayal of love, which this world treats as the most important thing out of anything, then why rapes considered crimes? Because it is something forceful and we shouldn't force someone to commit themselves forcefully with us. Now, consider the fact of being an asexual. If a person is not at all interested in sex or having sexual interests, why the people have to get annoyed or feel weird or afraid of such a person? When you know that there won't be any physical or sexual harm, why do you have to get afraid of an asexual? Don't you think it's an ultimate form of showing hypocrisy? If a person is emotionally clean with no sexual interests, why that person has to be treated with the lowest preference or degraded in the society whereas all rapists are happily roaming everywhere?

Asexuals are prone to face too many human tantrums just because they are out of sex constraint unlike others in this world. That makes people think asexuals are weird and get annoyed with their orientation. People give ridiculous suggestions to asexuals without understanding the concept of asexuality such as

"How come you know that you don't get sexually attracted to others if you haven't tried once"? "You need to find the right person to make your hormones work".

"Don't worry, you will come over this phase soon".

"Don't you think that you are going to end up alone in life"?

"A child sexual abuse could be a reason to make you feel like not having sexual attractions"

"You are not unique, you are annoying"

"Are you celibate? What makes, a choice has to do with sexual orientation?"

"Do not say that to anyone, people won't believe you, they think that you are mad"

"I think you haven't gotten laid till now, hence you are an asexual"

"Your mental stress and depression can be the reasons for lack of your sexual interests"

Oh my God! We, humans, are more dangerous than leeches, aren't we? What a bloodsucker race, we are! There are thousands of half-knowledge people out there, who questions all time to suppress asexuals every single day and this is making them think twice to share their feelings to others and most importantly, instead of supporting, the LGBT community people denies them to involve in the activities which provide knowledge to people.

Yes, the survey and many asexual organizations, communities, groups have stated that they have faced the rage by the LGBT community too. How ridiculous it is to say that "if sex is not included, why do we have to make asexuals as a part of the queer community?" Such groundbreaking statements by some people from the queer community. Well, an open question to all the queer people who don't think asexuality as a sexual orientation, "Are you a part of the community because of sex or because of love?" If your answer is sex, please note that the functioning of your genitals will be diminished with aging and the only heart stays young forever, through which a person can love others. And most importantly, asexuals don't need to swallow hormonal pills to have sexual attractions because, for your kind information, they can have sex and enjoy sex too without having sexual attractions.

Because of these inter and intra-community issues, asexuals feel doubtful and fearful about their sexual orientation, which makes them suppress their feelings. The sad part is Asexuals feel freeing from the sexual attractions, but they always end up worrying about their loneliness. This is because of the acephobia they encounter every day. This has to stop and what kind of human you are, if you can't make a person comfortable in opening up his/her feelings?

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