The opposite of Right is Left, not Wrong!

"Right and Wrong" are two human-made perceptions that emotionally drive a person towards a desired path. It means a person's emotions and dogma carries him towards the destination which he feels secure and good about his decision. It indeed means that a particular destination is not universal and it differs from person to person. Because these two perceptional choices are all about how a person thinks about another person or a situation or a place or any universal fact. Then why do we care so much about what's right and what's wrong, especially in leading a lifestyle!?

My lifestyle can be opposite to yours and yours can be similar to someone else. But the directions of left and right are same for both of us. The directional choices never lead us to wrong paths like the perceptional ones. Of course, physically "Right and Left" are just directions that lead a person to reach a particular destination he/she wants to reach. These two simple directions can make a person move from one place to another regardless of the distance. But if you understand the deeper meaning of the sentence in the title, you will understand the meaning of life, in leading your lifestyle the way you want.

Generally, according to the societal norms, rules, and regulations which have been blindly flowing with people since our ancestors, things which affect the pride of another person have declared as wrong and things which make everyone feel secure about has treated as right. And people have been following the same to lead a secure and non-controversial life without any major changes in their lifestyle and the norms of the society. That was in the stone age and era where the monarchy has ruled the world.