The opposite of Right is Left, not Wrong!

"Right and Wrong" are two human-made perceptions that emotionally drive a person towards a desired path. It means a person's emotions and dogma carries him towards the destination which he feels secure and good about his decision. It indeed means that a particular destination is not universal and it differs from person to person. Because these two perceptional choices are all about how a person thinks about another person or a situation or a place or any universal fact. Then why do we care so much about what's right and what's wrong, especially in leading a lifestyle!?

My lifestyle can be opposite to yours and yours can be similar to someone else. But the directions of left and right are same for both of us. The directional choices never lead us to wrong paths like the perceptional ones. Of course, physically "Right and Left" are just directions that lead a person to reach a particular destination he/she wants to reach. These two simple directions can make a person move from one place to another regardless of the distance. But if you understand the deeper meaning of the sentence in the title, you will understand the meaning of life, in leading your lifestyle the way you want.

Generally, according to the societal norms, rules, and regulations which have been blindly flowing with people since our ancestors, things which affect the pride of another person have declared as wrong and things which make everyone feel secure about has treated as right. And people have been following the same to lead a secure and non-controversial life without any major changes in their lifestyle and the norms of the society. That was in the stone age and era where the monarchy has ruled the world.

But, now, being so independent and diplomatic, do you think we still have to follow the norms of the ridiculous society our ancestors lived in? Surely not. Their right is completely wrong for us. In this millennial era, we are leading such lifestyles with various changes in freedom of thought and choices. We can choose whatever we want. The dressing style, our life partners, whom to love, whom to hate, whom to get inspired from and many more. One of the major lifestyle changes in this current era is booming up of the Queer lifestyle in the World. This is where the real controversy lies in people's minds, even today after a lot of development in mindsets and technologies.

It is never wrong in a person's lifestyle choices. It depends on one's thoughts on leading a life. For some, it seems to be wrong in many ways. For some, it seems to be non-existing and for some, it seems to empower and for some, it seems ridiculous. If this varies from person to person, why do we have to bother so much about a person's lifestyle choices and judge him/her? Do you think that you must invest your quality time in something so inconsistent like this? Does your time is such valueless? Think about it once. If someone comes to you and says that your dress color doesn't befit your complexion, how do you feel? A get hurt at least a bit because you love the color on you! Now imagine, a person who is leading his lifestyle being a homosexual, bisexual, transsexual or asexual, always gets questioned for the choice of his partners, his love, his dressing sense, his walking style, his gestures, her postures, his family values, her societal responsibilities, his capabilities, her genitals, his transformations, her mentality and every single inch of him/her? Yes, this is all about a Queer person's lifestyle choices.

If you are a straight person or homophobic or bi-phobic or trans-phobic, and you feel hurt if someone just judge you based on your caste, creed, community, color, region and religion and your choices of life, imagine a queer person's ability of handling such immense pressures of getting judged by every single choice of their life and lifestyle they choose to lead their life. Including the judgments you face, they are some more intense judgments indeed surplus more than yours, every single day for every single person they come across. If you think your choice of dress color can be yours and no one has right to say it wrong on your face, why don't you think at least once before spilling your sharp painful words about a queer person regarding his/her/their lifestyle choices?

If you think leading a life as a man and consummating with a woman is normal and allowed in the society, which makes you feel right, then it's high time that you should take the left in your direction and do not even try to come across the path of a queer person, because your judgments are useless and surely out of trend. There is no wrong in any human's lifestyle choices and everyone is liable for their actions, not others. So, all the so-called "Right" people must take a chill pill to digest the so-called "Wrong" choices of others. Be directional and place your hand on the left side of your upper body, yes, exactly right on your left, where your heart lies and listen to the heartbeat for a while and think about the choices you made in your life. This will give a perfect answer if you think whatever you have done so far is right or wrong according to these stupid societal norms or you just listened to your heart while making your choices to lead the lifestyle you love.

For all the queer people out there, follow the mantra and just take the directional choices and not the perceptional ones. Follow your instinct and not others. Follow your heart and don't depend on others. Because your right is maybe someone's wrong and your wrong is maybe someone's right. The choices of lifestyle are very easy to make if you want to lead a truly meaningful lifestyle that benefits you and people around you and also which is completely harmless. Make those choices and lead the life you love. Be Queer and Be you!!

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