The naked truth of our Skittles generation...

Of course, the current generation has nothing to do with skittles technically because these fruit candies got introduced way before the millennial era. But you must be wondering, why our generation is named after these sweet and sour fruit candies? Because skittles are full of rainbows and so are we, full of colors. The spectrum of orientations has broadened in present times, thanks to the people who fought against all the odds so that the future generations can live happily by being themselves, collectively together as queer. Like how skittles come in different colors, we can find people with different orientations, unlike the older times, where people are just segregated as men and women.

Now we are men, women, non-binary, gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, asexual, pansexual, intersexual, and many more people with various gender identities and various sexual orientations. Now, we aren't carrying a single color on us, we are all carrying various colors in the form of orientations and identities. Isn't it amazing to find various people with various orientations in any particular group? How diversified we became and how colorful we are making this world! But do you think, are we spreading happiness with those colors? Do you believe that you are truly contributing your colorful soul to make the world a better place to live?

No! This generation is very privileged, and we are kind of misusing our privileges. A person does everything for love, acceptance, and happiness. Unfortunately, we are doing everything for the name, fame, validation, desire, and various forms of lust (physical, mental, and financial) and most importantly to satisfy our selfish thoughts. It's okay to be selfish, but it is not meant to demean others. That's what most of us are committing currently. Everyone is included in it. When was the last time you spoke with someone face to face over a coffee and discuss little things which make you happy instead of complaining about your so-called privileged life? See, we suck!

Unlike the older generations, now everything is getting accepted though all of us are facing equal love and hatred, we still can raise our voice against the odds instead of hiding with a lot of pain and despair. Now we are wearing whatever we want, we are dating whomever we want and we are living whichever way we want. Comparatively, we are so blessed to have freedom in this current era than those generations where people are only restricted to love the opposite sex and no one else.

We are breaking up over messages and calls. We are not even feeling liable for not providing closure to the people who are facing heart breaks because of us. We stopped bothering about the other person's emotions and feelings. We started striking off others' opinions. We are assuming the worst scenario without even knowing the facts. We are becoming anxious, gradually by over-thinking about things which are of least concerned. We are avoiding each other's personal touch in the search for enough mental space. We are considering people as things and using them to fulfill our endeavors, goals, wishes, desires, and egos. So, are we doing all these things under the name of love? Is this how love supposed to be?

For most of us, yeah! We can't help, it's just the generation gap, we are no more old school and we try things in our way and we deal, love in the most materialistic way. Instead of wishing for an understanding and encouraging partner, we are dreaming of hot, sexy, wealthy, popular, and a person who can satisfy our sexual and financial desires. We are in a bubble in which we are mistaking lust with love and considering attraction as an attachment. Is it okay if someone who is not handsome, not creative, and not wealthy enough to approach you and propose you to get married to him? Stop raising your eyebrows, you surely won't. Because we all want a person who is a blend of all the materialistic traits, not the emotional traits.

This is how most of us are dealing with love, relationship, and emotional commitments. Feelings are no more playing a vital role in the concept of love in this skittles generation. Hence, we are finding various aspects, in various people, instead of finding all aspects, in a single person by adjusting one's self. Why do we have to adjust, when we have so many options around and a hell lot of freedom to explore others, secretly and openly?

Instead of meeting for coffee with conversations, we are meeting for random instant hookups and yes, we don't call people with whom we hook up once. If we are not getting love from one person, instead of breaking the strings, we are still stuck up with them for other materialistic pleasures like money, name, and fame. Well, that cannot stop us and hence, we are finding love from other people by cheating on our partners, so that we can get love in the form of sex from one person and other materialistic pleasures from another person. Simple!