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The Myths about Condoms you should never get along with!

Myths are widely accepted false beliefs and they are capable enough to mislead a person in many possible ways. Even to this day, many ignorant folks don't believe in the most basic contraceptive like condoms by simply assuming that the extra skin on their genitals makes them lose the pleasure of sex. Myths travel pretty fast and they keep evolving till they become a theory that no one dares to deny even though the facts are written and proven. Amidst the busy celebrations of Valentine's month, the world must recognise the importance of International Condom Day which falls on the eve of Valentine's Day. Isn't it reasonably a smart reminder for people to embrace the existence of condoms for their sexual health? Indeed, it is! But a few baseless beliefs dominate the minds of people and create a void in absorbing safe sex practices and it's high time to crash them all.

  • Condoms are layers of protection for people to prevent the transmission of STDs and HIV, also most importantly to prevent unplanned pregnancies. So do you think this has to do anything with lessening sexual pleasure? No condom is made to perform that, indeed nowadays brands are coming up pleasure enhancing condoms. It depends on your psychological belief system. If you believe naively that a condom will decrease your sensual urge, then it happens no matter how many times you try to use a condom. Don't let a silly belief rule your psychological and personal life too.

  • On the contrary, under the name of enhanced protection, you don't need to wear two condoms. It's unnecessary, also if you become extra cautious towards contraception, you end up compromising safety. If you wear two condoms, due to the friction between those two during intercourse, there are high chances for those to break and ultimately you end up in a different zone altogether. So, don't underdo and overdo, just do!

  • It is reliable to consider safe sex practices but you must perceive the exact necessity of condoms. Male condoms and female condoms are available in markets nowadays, but it doesn't mean both sex partners must wear them. At least one of the partners who involve in sex should wear, especially in the case of straight sex. Because due to the friction that happens during penetrations, things may get messy and your condoms may break too.

  • Condoms are available in various sizes. So, find the exact size and wear them instead of opting for the wrong size without considering the importance of the size. That myth of wearing a larger-size condom gives a man a better erection during sex is utterly ridiculous. There's no shame in getting along with your size and for the sake of a silly myth or fake image, you don't have to opt for a wrong-sized condom. There's the risk of slipping off a condom during sex if you wear a larger size condom that is oversize for you. Plus, if you stay reckless in choosing the right condom, then it may break if your manhood is thicker and larger than the condom. Therefore, choose wisely.

  • Needless to say, people are curious enough to try all kinds of condoms and it is okay to some extent but if you keep changing your type of condom in the exploration of extra pleasure, you may lack clarity in choosing the right one, also there are chances for you to mess up if you don't know the material of the condom. They are made of latex, plastic, rubber and other materials. But the ideal one that provides the highest efficiency of contraception and prevention of transmission is a polyisoprene condom that is made from synthetic rubber which hardly breaks. The myth of constant changing of the type of condom for the sake of extensive exploration experiences may fail if you continue to practice it.

  • Condoms break sometimes and nothing is perfect in this world including you. So, if you chase behind the myth that regardless of the usage, they break, then you may never opt for safe sex practice. It depends on how to maintain and manage during intercourse. So if you do the right, nothing wrong happens. Consequently know how to choose, how to use and how to dispose of without causing a mess with a myth in your mind.

  • During orgies and group sex sessions, don't think that a single condom would do wonders. Even though it ruins your spontaneity for a moment, it's always substantial to change condoms before you shift to another sex partner when you are among multiple partners. That myth of recklessly using the same condom for multiple people in a sex session may nevertheless lead to sexually transmitted diseases.

  • People possess this weird belief that bareback sex gives better pleasure than sex with a condom or using a lube over a condom. The fact is that lubes help condoms to make the process effortless and painless, especially during anal sex. So, come out of that tight-hole penetration concept and don't get influenced by watching porn. There is a massive difference between entertainment and reality.

  • Who said one can't use condoms for oral sex? That myth of unpleasant taste, numb mouth, and ruptures on condoms are the escaping patterns for not using condoms during oral sex especially with strangers during random hookups. If you are sexually active with multiple partners and always ready for a quickie or foreplay at random places with random people, then you must consider the option of using condoms for oral sex too. Don't use latex or polyurethane condoms. Don't use edible food syrups over condoms. Don't wear a condom using your teeth. Don't use condoms that aren't made for oral sex, especially spermicide ones. Solely consider edible-flavoured condoms. Yes, there will be a difference in the feeling for both receiver and giver but the safe oral sex practice feels better gradually.

Accordingly, these are a few misguided beliefs that people imbibed in their belief system regarding condoms, indeed against the usage of condoms. Until and unless you get rid of them or overcome them, you can never feel the essence of safe sex and you inevitably put yourself under the radar of risk.

On this Valentine's Day Eve, we wish you a Happy International Condom Day!

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