The interlink between faking orgasms and faking relationships...

Though there is a huge difference between these two kinds of faking, these are also interconnected with each other at one point. Orgasms have to do with the physical intimacy between a couple and relationships only work when a couple is emotionally connected. But these two join psychologically at one point where a person thinks about his/her presence in another person's life and with this one psychological thread, a couple can tear the whole connection they have in between them.

Every one of us may fake orgasms at some point in life, like when we get stuck up with the wrong person, or when we have time issues or when we only focus on the other's sexual satisfaction or when we simply feel tired and many more reasons. Every single reason is connected to one's own physical and mental stress. After considering various factors in and around, a person tries to fake an orgasm just to let himself/herself get out of the situation. Do you agree to this statement, that faking an orgasm increases your stress level? Indeed, it is true. For any human, sex must be a stress reliever and a love booster. Instead of elevating your moods, you struggle with your moods so hard that you end up faking an orgasm. If you fake an orgasm, then you must have not enjoyed the sex session, which indeed says that your stress is not relieved at all.

In the end, you will be overstressed by thinking why aren't you feel connected with the person whom you are having sex with, why you cannot be able to enjoy the physical pleasure, why you need to fake that you are enjoying the sex, what happens if the other person gets to know that you were faking an orgasm, how you can deal with the situation later and many more thoughts. And all of these inner struggling thoughts, increase your stress level psychologically and may take you that saturation point where you end up thinking what is wrong with your relationship with that particular person you faked an orgasm or always fake orgasms? This is when the thought of faking a relationship may take birth in a person's mind.

All people who fake relationships end up faking orgasms in those relationships, but all people who fake orgasms need not end up in fake relationships. Because emotional attachment is stronger than physical intimacy. Hence, though some people fake orgasms out of many physical and mental reasons, emotionally they still feel connected with their partners' and they won't fake relationships they are in. But what about the people who fake orgasms because of their faking relationships? Instead of leaving their partners, why do they have to fake and face challenges every single day? Or do they get benefited from faking relationships? Well, many questions arise when a person comes to know that his/her partner is faking both relationships and orgasms.

Gold diggers and Vengeful monsters are two kinds of people who fake the relationships to the core and may also end up faking orgasms too. For these people materialistic elements are more important than emotional attachments. Like, Money, name, fame, prestige, status, elite life, elegant standards, evil moves, ego satisfaction, and many more dangerous factors. These people can also ruin the whole life of a person in addition to faking relationships and orgasms. But, at some point, these people can be easily visible like oil on water. Hence, you can find them and get rid of them.

But some people fake relationships and also orgasms, by being with their partners and by showering fake love. The reasons can be, maintaining family prestige and standards, personal issues, extramarital affairs, cheating habits, getting sexually forced and abused by their partners, forcefully stuck up with a person, to maintain the harmony in the society, over-caring about others, do not consider self-satisfaction and self-desire and especially feeling like an unwanted in a relationship. Many people in our society are faking their relationships under the name of love and marriage because of these various mental and physical pressures. These pressures result in losing the weight of that emotional attachment between a couple and this leads to fake relationships. And when a person fakes a relationship out of no emotional attachment, how he/she can physically get satisfied in sex and experience orgasms truly? Hence, these people end up faking orgasms too!