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The importance of knowing the difference between Dating and a Committed relationship!

Many of us don't focus on that fine line of demarcation after falling in love or even worse after thinking about dating someone we adore. We ignore that difference, and we overlook the importance of it. This is one of the very reasons why some people still feel incomplete even after getting committed to a person for several years. Previously, there wasn't all this romantic drama happening in society because most of our ancestors enrolled themselves in arranged commitments. But in this millennial era, everyone acquired their freedom to choose their partners to spend the rest of their lives. But are we choosing the partners or else just rushing out?

There is a huge difference between dating someone and being committed to someone. It is very easy for a person to leave one's dating partner than leaving one's committed partner. Altogether, dating is the process of choosing our life partners whereas a relationship is all about choosing one person out of everyone for a lifetime commitment. But, sadly, many of us think that dating means committing to a person in the form of a relationship. Don't you think, there's a difference between seeing someone and living with someone?

Know the difference between dating and leading a committed relationship. Try to control yourself and don't act as if you are married to your dating partner. Maintain some limitations and also don't cross your emotional borders. Getting physical is up to you, until and unless it's consensual, you can sleep with your dating partner but emotions are difficult to handle, so better control them. Because, if your actions speak that you are considering a particular bond as a relationship, you don't have to announce to the world particularly that you are in a relationship.

Sometimes without our knowledge, things happen, and we end up accepting them though we wouldn't be ready because of our extra extrovert behavior, over-romantic expressions, and unbearable life promises. So, try to keep your mind and mouth in control until you get proper clarity that you are dating the right person.

Don't create an impression in your dating partner's mind that you would end up with him or her soon and get into a committed relationship. If you are clear about your motives, express them before it gets too late. If you are a person who is just looking for another person to date and needs time to get into a proper relationship, you must tell it on your first date.

Never step back in informing your dating partner that you need time to process this whole dating scenario. If you assume that the other person may take you wrong or may feel disinterested in you without speaking up, then you need to get along with the other person's dating scenario instead of yours. So, if you need time before going further, ask your dating partner to walk slow!

If you are a person who doesn't want to step further in your dating life and who is afraid of commitments, you don't have to take your time. You must express your opinions on your dating scenario with your partner instead of consuming his/her time too. Time is precious in a person's dating life. You don't waste yours and also others' if you can't move ahead.

If you maintain proper clarity in your romantic life, then you can appreciate the romance in your life, if not things become messier within you and with the person whom you like. And to get that clear picture in your life, make sure you and your partner comprehend the concept of the difference between dating casually and getting into a serious committed relationship. Because a lot of things change when a couple promotes themselves from the dating stage to the relationship stage.

While dating, you can still have your options open, can explore people around you, can explore your sexuality and romantic identity, can get to know your partner better without having any expectations and disappointments, can be with your dating partner, or can come out of your dating scenario if you think that you can't get along further, you can always take a step back when you date someone. Of course, serious dating is also kind of a relationship but practically, if a couple wants to break things up, they can easily get away from each other and can start their new beginnings separately.

But the whole scenario becomes tougher, intense, emotional, and difficult for a couple who are seriously committed to each other by forming a relationship, by naming the bond, and by entwining their souls and bodies in every kind of commitment. Generally, a person who is serious about leading his or her life with another person whom he or she believes as a soulmate or better half or the right one gets into a committed relationship. The major intense differences, death, and divorce can only break such committed bonds. Hence, commitments are quite serious than hanging out with people at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Acknowledge the seriousness between these two scenarios and try to act accordingly. Don't label your dating bonds as committed relationships. Keep it simple instead of complicating things without being serious about the relationship you have with your dating partner. Accept it or not; your dating partner may not become your life partner but your life partner could be one of your dating partners!

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