The hypocritically hypersexual crowd of the Pink City!

Still, Jaipur is one of my favorite cities to explore in India, after all, I have completed roaming most of the places in and around the Pink City. And I have encountered many people who showered love and also criticized me to the core with their judgmental stares and demeaning comments. But all I can say is that, this place welcome, queer people and treat them as their guests and look after them well. I got extremely protected and loved by many people in Jaipur since the night I landed till the afternoon I left after three days of my birthday vacation.

Hypocrisy is everywhere and in every human. We all are hypocrites at one or the other point. But in queer culture, the level of hypocrisy is always more when compared to other cultures. Because people think that the rules and regulations are only applied to the queer community to not break the normalcy of society but indeed so-called normal people (heterosexuals) break the basic ethics of society and prove their hypocritical personalities. For example, an androgynous guy like me is not expected to wear clothes that portray both femininity and masculinity, whereas, in the same Indian society, all heterosexual women can opt western wear under the name of modernity. So, if an openly gay guy kisses another male, that is treated as a social demeaning mistake where a man teases a woman in the most degrading way, that is treated as a pure form of Machismo. Well, this is a brief scene in Jaipur.

I was spilling my feminine vibes with my dressing sense, hairstyle, my talks, and my walk and at the same time, I was sporting my stubble and uni-sexual clothes as a man too. I was clear with my perspectives and I was very clear with my orientation. And that attracted most of the men while I was vacationing in the Pink City. Jaipur is a travelers hub. The localite meet thousands of travelers every year who come from various cultures and belongs to various sexual orientation. Hence, the localite of this city welcomes its guests without judging their appearances and identities. The last two blogs under #jaipurjournals were about the loving folk and the judgmental folk of the Pink city. And this blog is all about the clash between these two clans in Jaipur who spill hypocrisy to save their prestigious spaces in society.

Lust is one form of showering love and getting into someone intimately through physical relationships. And strictly speaking who doesn't love sleeping with a traveler from different cultures, especially people who are extremely into sex and making out with random strangers. Unfortunately, I have faced the same situation in Jaipur. People came out clear with their intentions in hanging out with me after they came to know my open personality without even telling them because I was so visibly gay over there in every possible way. I loved the attention though but at some point, it became unbearable.

All my Gay dating and social media profiles were popped up with hundreds of messages, mostly hookup messages and sex proposals with unsavory pictures of dicks of visitors, travelers, locals. Just because I was portraying my open queer personality, people used to flirt with me in my face. I couldn't resist but blush all the time when they used to pass some flirtatious compliments and I could sense what they wanted. I must say, even I flirted with them back to get the complete personality of a person through his words. Trust me the results were amazingly surprising.

75% of people I met in Jaipur were bisexuals and were more interested in effeminate gays. They barely bothered about girls, because all they want to be some adventurous and exciting dates with an openly queer person, but the twist was in a very closeted and personal way. People were ready to do anything for me except stepping out with me and roaming in public. This adorable crowd, I mentioned, was brave enough to flirt with me but not in front of the public. The best example was my tour guide, this guy has been with me all time since he saw me in the station and disguised himself as an auto owner to pick me up and drop to my hotel. After one hour, he took me to a bar and made me enjoy my pre-birthday night at a pub and then he revealed that he was an event manager and guide. Trust me, he roamed all over the places with me and used to pass too many flirtatious compliments and took good care of me.