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The hypocritical clash between the Queer culture and Polyamory!

Hypocrisy always acts as a clash between two persons, two groups and also two communities. Strictly speaking, we humans don't like what others do and we always find ways to poke others by pointing out at their negatives and comparing them to the so-called typical norms laid by society. It always happens, and most of us become victims of such ridiculous hypocrisy. Our world is segregated into continents, countries, communities, castes, creeds, clans and most importantly cultures. With the booming modernity, we humans are getting under roofs of various cultures according to one's identities, appearances, orientations and lifestyle choices.

Queer culture is one among those, in which people who belong to gender minorities, who are other than heterosexuals, gracefully consider themselves as Queer. This culture includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, asexuals, inter-sexuals, pansexuals, genderqueer, non-binary, androgynous, and many more divisions according to one's sexual orientations and preferences of sharing one's life with another human being. In the heterosexual dominant world, queer culture repeatedly gets attacked by the hypocrisy of people. Sometimes with outsiders and unfortunately sometimes with insiders of the community too. Alright, haven't you encountered any hatred or outrage or criticism or judgments from other queer people? Well, ask people from the transgender community of queer culture; you will get the answer!

Polyamory is specifically all about relationships and being in love with multiple people at the same time. Hence, all the polyamorous people establish one community and excel in the polyamory culture further together. This is modern and positively engaging which allows a person to explore one's romantic personality and it's all about love just like the Queer culture. Though these two diverse communities represent different reasons like sexual orientations and relationships, in the end, these two meet at the point of love. Do you agree with this conclusion of these two cultures belong to two different communities? Though there are many similarities between these two, some people raise a few hypocritical thoughts to cause unnecessary ripples. There is no need that all the polyamorous relationships must include queer orientations and in the same way, all the people belong to various sexual orientations of queer culture need not try polyamory in their relationships. Because sexuality and relationship choice must be made by one's own will and they completely rely on one's personality and preferences. Subsequently, where is the way to point out at each other if everything has to do with a person's freedom of choice?

Many statistics have proved that a few people from the queer culture are completely against polyamory. Being monogamous is universally accepted since ages but that doesn't mean polyamory represents wholly a recent concept. People from various religions and various parts of the continent have been following the culture of polyamory or polygamy or polyandry for many centuries. This clearly says, that polyamory is not a sin and not only opted by people who are sex maniacs. Polyamory is way beyond allegedly having sex with multiple partners. The emotional bond of love plays a prominent role in binding multiple souls together to share the world of commitment by encountering a hell lot of judgmental criticism. Still, many polyamorous throuples or relationships shine bright by spreading love vibes to the world. There is a more significant probability of bisexuals to get into Polyamorous relationships. Because they are perfectly bestowed with the ability to be with both male and female at the same time. And when they approach a couple who can be even heterosexual, they can work a polyamorous relationship and form a triad. And this doesn't make bisexuals as greedy wolves who encourage polyamory for the sake of sex.

It's degrading to possess such thoughts against the fellow queer people, isn't it? It's not only with bisexuals. People pass judgment if they come to know that a group of gays or lesbians try to be in a Polyamorous relationship by having equal consent and commitment to each other. The critical level of hypocrisy arises here. How many of the queer couples are with each other without breaking up with their exes and end up with the sole person for their whole life? Strictly none! The current dating scenario allows a queer person to try a lot of partners before getting into a relationship or commitments. So, do you think that dating a lot of people is completely different and better than being in a relationship with multiple partners? Instead of pointing out at the polyamorous people, try to understand the concept, the aspects of love, affection, courage, boldness, and modernity in such people. If you are monogamous and want to be with only one person, then it's your choice and completely acceptable. And that grants you no right to question others' choices and preferences regarding their relationships and lifestyle choices. Do you undoubtedly believe all the queer people who believe in monogamy, stay only with their partners without getting drifted away with lusty attractions around them? Isn't it moderately impossible? Who knows, you may fall in love with another person and change your mind to try out polyamory?

In the end, people who belong to the queer culture are the ones who get judged in many aspects by others. Don't you think that we must be the ones who shouldn't criticize others and rather understand and encourage polyamory? Polyamorous people are the people who get judged by the world in almost every aspect. Imagine the judgmental criticism faced by a person who is both queer and polyamorous? It's quite unimaginable! So, stop being a social hypocrite especially when you represent the ones who must support the cultures without any judgment!

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