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The hypocrisy behind the Valentine week!

Celebrating Valentine's day on February 14th of every year does not come under the Indian culture because for us Worshiping the god the Kama is the culture. But there are no rules and restrictions to follow other cultures, especially, we Indians do follow various cultures, thanks to democracy and secularism. Hence, due to globalization, we Indians have been celebrating Valentine's day since the '90s, which means we started celebrating in the millennial era. Previously, this date went unnoticed and because of commercials, this date became quite famous, indeed a status of every person in India.

After a few years, people started celebrating the whole week, like how westerners celebrate the whole second week of February. A single day got elaborated to a whole week of celebrating love, which is kind of romantic and make a person get excited and engaged to his partner for a whole week under the name of Love. It starts with Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and finally, Valentine's day! Every single day is dedicated to every single aspect of romanticism between two persons. Some are materialistic and some are emotional, but everything is connected to the feeling of love. Like how Roses, Chocolates, Teddy bears become some of the forms of showcasing love, warm hugs, intense kisses, true promises and adorable propose also become the purest forms of expressing love.

But the weirdest part is, these all, things are getting only confined to Valentine's week. And the saddest part is, the valentine week is gradually becoming one kind of social pressure on people, especially people who don't believe in love and people who are not in love, in fact to all the singles. The relationship status in February would be more visible than in any other month because that's the specialty of Valentine's day. And, when it comes to Indians, we care way too much for these silly things. Singles slip into a mild depression and Committed ones get into the over-excitement mode, whereas Complicated ones struggle with their anxiousness.

Generally, the feeling of love must either soothe a person or hurt a person. But, in the valentine week, people feel other feelings rather than feeling of love. This is because of the social pressure and the hypocritical mindsets of people. All the committed ones, who ignore their partners for the whole year, suddenly become pro-active in noticing their loved ones, just to celebrate Valentine's week and get some sex on Valentine's day and most importantly to irritate others by posting their adorable couple pictures on social media. Most of the couples, do this shit to express their love to the world and forget expressing and appreciating the love between them. Because, we millennials, mostly care about how the world sees us instead of bothering about ourselves and our loved ones.

When it comes to singles, the people who deliver several lectures and publish a hell lot of posts on enjoying the single-hood, all of a sudden become so low and bored. Most of them think about their relationship status, and feel sad for being single, especially in valentines week. Because, when the whole world celebrates love, they feel that they can't do that. But, indeed they can celebrate self-love. A very few people can notice this point because most of them, drain themselves in the thoughts of other people who celebrate love with their partners. Isn't it being hypocritical to one's self? Why so much drama is needed when it comes to celebrating valentine's day?

Because, it's the same social pressure, where a person gets attacked by. Committed and Single relationship statuses are two extremes. But, what about the people who are in the middle of their complicated relationships, the ones who gets friend-zoned, the ones who recently break their relationship, the ones who lost their partners, the ones who know their partners are cheating on them but still in relationship with them, the ones who are about to break their paths with the person they are in love with? There are various kinds of people in various situations of love. We, humans, are complicated and we also make, love; a complicated one because we love complications.

This whole valentine's week thing always bothers people in one or the other way. People celebrate valentine's day in their way. Some, celebrate at home, some at fancy hotels, some in bed making love, some in seashore having candlelight dinners. Every person has his/her kind of celebrating love, which doesn't mean, you should compare your situation or your relationship status or your way of celebrating love with others. Because this will surely end you up behaving with utmost hypocrisy. When you want to do something which restricts your personality by comparing yourself to someone just to show that you are cool in celebrating Valentine's day, you will end up screwing yourself. So, calm down a bit. Celebrate Valentine's Day with love of your way. Do not take the social pressure and become a social hypocrite under the name of Love!

If you are single, celebrate self-love. If you are committed, celebrate the trust of love. If you are in a complicated relationship, celebrate the concept of love. Simple!

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