The heterosexual masqueraded bisexuals and the story behind them...

Unlike homosexuals whose tribes are categorized on the grounds of physical appearances, emotional connections, and sexual preferences, the tribes of bisexuals are categorized on the level of attractions towards men and women. But, outside the community in the eyes of other orientations, they are quite categorized as two segments; open and closeted! People typically take bisexuals as confused souls who look out for clarity and closeted bisexuals always get judged for their hidden personalities. But, it's high time that people must recognize the difference between being closeted and being camouflaged or masked.

Open or closeted, a bisexual always remains as bisexual. Some may open up proudly and flaunt their orientation, whereas some may wait for the opportunity to reveal their sexual identity to the world because of various factors. But few people are bisexuals behind the heterosexual masks. No matter how hard you try, they always appear publicly with heterosexual identity. Once again understand the difference; closeted bisexuals never tag themselves as heterosexuals. They just act like heterosexuals for the sake of people around but within the community and with like-minded people, they open up. Unlike these heterosexual masqueraded bisexuals, the closeted always search for the opportunity to represent their bisexuality!

Sexual desires and fantasies are the main reason for these people to get into bisexuality. Most of them don't believe in this orientation, or you may even find them as bi-phobics too. Sexual experimentation is one main reason for these heterosexuals to get into same-sex partners. As mentioned in earlier blogs, circumstances and conditions cause some people forcefully or purposefully get into bisexuality for the sake of materialistic pleasures like sex, money, name, and fame.

These people shouldn't be considered as one tribe because that degrades the value of bisexuality. This may offend to those masqueraded bisexuals, sorry, the truth hurts! If you don't give a value for a person or situation or even a thing, you don't deserve to be with that person, have a part in that situation, and shouldn't hold that thing.

Sexual orientations are fluid, and this very fact is getting diluted by a few people who are using it against orientations to get satisfied with sexual pleasures. Strictly speaking, a person can never be temporarily bisexual. Transitional bisexuals are the ones who transform from homosexuals to bisexuals or vice-versa, because of intimate engagements with same-sex or opposite-sex partners.

These are the heterosexuals who have sexual affairs with same-sex partners constantly, but deny to accept their bisexuality. A straight woman who sleeps with a lesbian just because she is sexually dissatisfied with her husband comes under this category. A straight man who commits sex with gays under the name of exploration comes under this category. These are indeed bisexuals because of their clear sexual attractions, but they deny the bisexuality because they don't like to be tagged as one!

Many researchers have found a few types of bisexuals who likes to be tagged as heterosexuals, but indeed are bisexuals behind the masks. Isolated bisexuals are completely straight, but these are the ones who have a history of sexual engagements with same-sex partners. Hence, they portray themselves as heterosexuals just because they don't do it in the present and maybe in the future.

Alternating bisexuals are the ones who keep on changing their partners from men to women. If an alternating bisexual man is with a woman, then he portrays himself as a heterosexual person, but his next partner would be surely a man as he alternates the partners. And don't expect him to portray as bisexual if he is with a man, he won't. He acts with his wits behind the heterosexual masquerade.

Latent bisexuals are the ones who can be completely heterosexual, but they have severe sexual attractions towards homosexuals but never act on them. Hence, they still portray themselves as heterosexuals because these are the ones who watch gay porn in their bathrooms by hiding between four walls. But exploratory bisexuals act on them, but still, never get into bisexuality!