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The 'H's that help you find happiness in your relationships!

The state of being happy is one of the complex emotions to achieve especially in one's romantic life because no matter what all the other scenarios in life have their major influence on a person's love life or romantic relationship. If your career fluctuates, you vent your frustration on your partner, if you psychologically face issues then your partner must come to your aid to be there for you, if you have personal problems or medical emergencies, then also your partner ends up serving you in every possible way and the first person whom you want to shower any kind of emotion would be your partner. Relationships are simple but people make them complicated by not being able to balance their emotions accordingly to find happiness with their partner. Imagine, amidst all these emotions, do you think finding happiness is an easy thing, especially with the factor of satisfaction? Well, it is easy when you include a few 'H's that make your romantic relationship, a happy bond!

Humour and Hearing senses:

Do you know that sense of humour helps a relationship to never lose a spark in it and keeps a couple engaged all the time by growing telepathically in their bond? Also, do you know that we can establish intense connections only by just hearing your partner by lending your interestingly keen ears? These two senses can fix any kind of seriously grave situation in a relationship. If you can't be funny with your loved one, how can you ever be cheerful in your relationship? If you don't want to hear your partner talk then how will you ever get to grasp the other side of the story that could be truly necessary to survive your relationship further?

Regardless of your good and bad days, simple and troublesome situations, if you end your day by talking funny or embracing humour between you both in a mature way after hearing your partner's words about how his or her day went. It forces a smile to both of your faces before getting to bed or sleep because of how you both dealt with each other's day by appreciating the basic sense of hearing with a tint of humour to erase all the sad things. Don't you think these little senses bestow happiness on your relationship?

Holidays and Hobbies:

In this modern era, the world runs pretty busy with people chasing behind their respective lifestyle scenarios and they tend to forget to appreciate spending time with their partners and spending time for themselves too. Individuality and interdependency remain two vital elements that balance a couple's romantic relationship without compromising their purpose in life. We all deserve to be happy and for that, we must also work by valuing, segregating and providing time accordingly.

One vacation a year by taking a holiday and one weekend a month by embracing your favourite hobby is all needed for you to rejuvenate, replenish and restore your charm without falling into the trap of monotony, boredom and habitual uncertainties. Over the years, you may feel like losing yourself with roles and responsibilities you got succumbed to while getting along with your passionate relationship. Only much-needed breaks like vacations and weekends can bring you happiness because when you go on a holiday, you get to recognize different sides of your partner, you get to spend time with each other away from racing worlds, you get to talk about your future and most importantly you get to feel your love bond. Similarly, if you appreciate your hobbies, you feel refreshed after doing something you like by extracting your me-time which indeed keeps you happy without allowing the feeling of losing yourself. Go for a holiday and keep up with your hobbies to stay happy in your relationship.

Healthy and Homely lifestyle:

You must have had a fun-filled, exotic, elegant, elite and party lifestyle during your dating days and you may continue to remain as that exclusive couple who enjoy an exquisite lifestyle with unbeatable status and standards but to remain happy eternally, you need to choose a lifestyle that's healthy and homely because you don't remain young all the time and to face the unpredictable wraths of the outside world, it is important to know the value of being at home and feeling home with your homies and loved ones.

There's an interconnection between following a healthy lifestyle and setting up a lifestyle scene at home. Being fit, fostering an environment where equality matters, getting the feeling of comfort, loving your own space, maintaining exclusivity by being inclusive in terms of people, eradicating toxicity, entertaining family and friendly bonds, managing finances maturely, keeping effort and investing energies to remain in health by including healthy choices to prevent hazardous disasters is a way of a healthy lifestyle that one must create at one's home where one share romantic relationship with one's loved partner. Because health is wealth and home is the unique place that brings you satisfied comfort. There comes the point in your romantic relationship where you must prioritize a healthy and homely lifestyle over the lifestyle scenarios you lead due to your personal choices, professional engagements and psychological attachments. Being healthy at your home with your partner provides you ultimate level of happiness when you grow old and are done with all the materialistic pleasures in life.

Harmony and Honesty:

Well, one stays in your relationship only when the other remains the same throughout the bond. Honesty can bring harmony even though a relationship goes through various hurdles that may arise out of honesty. Just because your partner doesn't like to encounter something that makes (him or her) feel frustrated and irritated, it doesn't mean that you should compromise your honesty. You need to provide your honest opinions; you should decide the next move based on your partner's complete honesty, you need to be honest to yourself, and you need to express your likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, and priorities honestly without allowing voids to take over your bond that may leave you in relationship ruins.

Until and unless you respect your and your partner's cut-throat honesty, you can never produce harmony in your relationship. Every so often truth may hurt you, feelings may rupture your ego, decisions may go against your wish and will, and things become brutally evident out of the levels of honesty you maintain with your partner but if all these happen for a good transparent romantic relationship, then it is okay to face them because you end up allowing harmony to stay in your bond eternally which makes the element of happiness be there with you no matter what.

Hopeful and Humble attitudes:

Attitudes to yourself and towards your partner play an important role in keeping up with your romantic relationship. A ray of hope can transport you out of darkness and humble behaviour can soften any person's heart that opens up possibilities and opportunities. No romantic relationship survives without traces of struggles, breakups, obstacles and difficulties. Only hopefulness and humbleness can bring you back to the normality with your partner even though you face a hell lot of rough patches while getting ahead in your romantic relationship.

There's no wrong in being humble by leaving your ego aside for the person whom you love the most and it isn't necessary to become a different person altogether by losing your ethics, values and affections if you gain materialistically in terms of money, name and fame. You can still be humble, rooted and grounded to appreciate the things that bring value to you as a person you are without the things you achieved, earned and gained. If you truly feel sorry for your mess-ups by presenting your humble personality, you can surely get back to your partner after any kind of disturbance. But to gain those second chances, you need to be hopeful enough to never give up on your bond. Stay humble and hopeful enough to overcome any kind of hurdle in your romantic relationship. And without any doubt, ultimately you find happiness because of your valuable attitude towards your romantic life, your partner and yourself!

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