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The 'G's that excel your queer lifestyle

In these blooming scenarios around the world, being a queer person is as normal as any heterosexual out there unlike previous eras where everything related to queerness fell under illegal aspects. Thanks to all those activists and people who sacrificed their lives for normality and acceptance of the queer community. Now, queer people live according to their terms to lead their life scenarios with their respective lifestyle choices. But to inspire further generations with queer aspirations that encourage everyone to live and let live the way they are, some elements are important to consider by every queer person so that no one can question and point out the aspect of being a person from the queer community.

We all maintain our lifestyle scenarios according to our needs, wishes, desires, style, status and standards but a few factors play a prominent role in making a person that's worth looking out for. People from the queer community pretty much regulate their lifestyle streams based on their life struggles because no matter what, this world doesn't make it easy for any queer person to imbibe normality under heteronormative circumstances. But it doesn't mean, one has to hold negativity and get along with the hatred towards the world that never loses an opportunity to throw hurdles in every possible way. Instead one has to acquire a few traits in one's personality to excel in one's queer lifestyle scenario.

Gender Identity:

Unlike those ignorant times when people used to only validate the gender binary, now things have changed drastically when people started asking each other their preferred pronouns so that they won't offend the other person. In these circumstances, don't you think being a person who represents the queer community, you must have clarity about your gender identity? Apart from being male and female, many gender identities have nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. Homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals and even asexuals can identify themselves as males or females by considering the gender binary. Not every queer person falls under a Non-binary roof. If you are non-binary, you must explore your true gender identity even though you go through gender fluidity.

When someone asks you about your pronouns, instead of getting offended, try to explain your identity properly and how you like to be addressed. Most importantly, don't think that everyone knows queer terminology, especially people who never explored outside the heteronormative terms. Hence, your patience in explaining your gender identity creates awareness and it also makes you confident enough to represent your identity without any confusion. If you are in the process of gender fluidity where you explore the befitting gender identity, then mention the same with others instead of hesitating or denying the fact because now people are taking initiation in trying to educate themselves. This particularity about your gender identity helps to make you excel in your queer lifestyle.


To be authentic is a crucial factor for any person in this world to maintain integrity. In this world full of fake people with fake attitudes and behavioural patterns, be a queer person who is genuine enough to present yourself as the way you are regardless of suppressing situations. It is quite understandable that a particular set of queer people choose to stay closeted regarding their identity and orientation, to avoid unnecessary circumstances in their life. You don't have to come out and announce to the world, your reality forcefully. Everyone has their life scenarios and lifestyle choices. But you need to be true, real and genuine to the people from the queer community and people who trust you, accept you and never judge you. Until and unless you represent yourself truly to other queer people, how can you ever think of leading a queer lifestyle? Apply the simple rule of being genuine to the people who stay genuine to you regardless of your closeted status.

And if you are an openly queer person who proudly leads a queer lifestyle on your queer terms, never lose yourself to fake something you are not because reality always prevails. Your genuinity inspires others to be genuine and this elevates your queer lifestyle.


Search for the meaning of being gay; even google shows you, it means to be jolly and cheerful. Portray your happiness without any hesitance, fear, guilt or regret because it depicts your personality and how good you own yourself, and stand for yourself against all odds. Not every queer person carries a tragic story and not every painful story ends up in tragedy. Be proud of overcoming hurdles and barriers without falling into the pit of depression and sadness. The more you show how truly happy you are, the more people feel motivated to accept queer lifestyle scenarios.

Many people think that leading a queer life is controversial and complicated but nowadays most queer people portray their lifestyle aspects out loud and proudly, be it in real life or on virtual platforms. Many queer couples are getting accepted for their love stories, and many queer people are getting appreciated for their creativity, talents and work ethics in every possible way. So, when life allows us to be us, why can't we be gleeful enough with utmost gaiety? Of course, it doesn't only imply gays though as it applies to every lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer, inter-sexual, pansexual, asexual plus other orientations and identities. So, be happy to bring charm to your queer lifestyle.

Growth and Gratitude:

These two elements must go hand in hand to be a good human. Nothing comes easier to any queer person and it requires a good support system for people from the queer community to grow further personally and professionally. Hence, it is important to maintain the aspect of gratitude to those who support us, especially to all the queer allies who stand for you in your hard times. Your growth should never blind your perspective of showing gratitude. All the little things in your life collectively build your grand lifestyle. If you celebrate your grandeur, make sure you celebrate it with a tint of gratitude to those who support you endlessly without judging your queer personality.

This element itself produces enough goodwill to you so that you never be left alone or feel alone because people play a prominent role in bringing happiness, satisfaction, strength and indeed growth. Even though you consider your growth to be all about your abilities, hard work and fighting alone to reach a notable position to lead your queer lifestyle on your terms, you wouldn't have made it without your loved ones, well wishes and true supporters. So be grateful and gleeful.


All the queer people who are open and proud to represent the queer community now are the ones who struggled to be guided on the right path to explore their gender identities, sexual orientations, career choices and almost every lifestyle element. Because back then it was difficult for people to perceive things under such legal and societal restrictions. But after many struggles, we are witnessing a world that is quite accepting and evolving. Hence, it becomes easier to guide other queer people who struggle with various issues like dysphoria, identity crisis, queer oppression, judgemental society, conservative norms, and social validation from people inside and outside of the queer community.

So, if you lead a queer lifestyle in peace by owning your queer personality without giving a damn to any person, then you need to give proper guidance to those queer people who need suggestions, advice, a little motivational boost, professional aid, emotional support, psychological help and especially that personal dilemma of identifying themselves as queer. Helping others always brings you happiness and to add an extra flavour to your queer lifestyle, be that person who contributes your kind of support to the queer community.

These 'G's surely add value to your queer lifestyle. Try owning them like how you own yourself.

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