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The flaws must be celebrated...

If someone compliments you for being perfect by imparting you some tags like "Mr or Miss Perfect", then yeah, treat them like someone they don't know you at all. And if someone enunciates you that you are perfect besides all your imperfections and when you are in your worst scenario, then cherish them. Because only love has the power of portraying imperfections perfectly. But sometimes, love can also be mistaken because of its intense nature. The misconception of being perfect for our loved ones makes us imperfect most of the time. We must not try for something which we are not, we must try for something which we want to become. Well, in the process of being loved or loving someone deeply, a couple goes through many situations in which they have to face endless flaws of each other.

And if those flaws are celebrated, the survival of a relationship lasts much longer. Understanding the flaws is a mature concept and only a few people can attain it because who has the time and patience to deal with the shit of others. And yeah, people think that's quite unpolished to deal with someone's flaws all the time. The question is if it doesn't deal with someone's whole personality both good and bad, is it love? We encounter many couples, but we only face a few couples who stay together for more than decades. Surprisingly, that's very rare in this current millennial era, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Be it a heterosexual or a homosexual couple, the way of dealing with a relationship could be the same. The same emotions, same fights, same arguments, same possessiveness, the same insecurities, same tragedies, same breakups, same patch-ups, same hopelessly romantic situations. Love can be the same between two different souls, it's intense levels may vary.

We, humans, come with various blemishes, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and many others. Some are addicts, some are idiots, some are too patient enough, some are romantic, some are understanding, some are fighter cocks, some are dominating, some are submissive, some are annoying, some are creepy, some are crazy and some are nothing. We ridiculously fall in love with people with various mindsets. A few traits of our partners match ours and a few of them irks us off. And this is when a couple must work hard to understand and accept each other. There is no such rule that being argumentative is a flaw and being romantic is not. Sometimes, being argumentative helps a couple to face a few hurdles better than being romantic. Hence, every positive and negative emotion should be considered as a flaw. Your flaw can be your partner's strength and your strength can be your partner's flaw. Simple!

Rejoicing each other's personality is all about celebrating each other's flaws. It is very easy for a third person to just convey a couple to understand each other but the process is quite difficult. A couple must face too many emotional barriers to come to a point where they could do nothing than accepting each other gracefully. This only happens when a couple wants to stay in each other's life, no matter what and it can happen only when they decide to take it further regardless of the emotional turmoil and imbalances in a relationship. Who cares about strengths when the weaknesses play a prominent role in building a fruitful relationship.

Wonder how? A well-renowned writer can steal many people's hearts with his writings as words are his strength which is celebrated in society on a large scale, but what if the same writer is an alcoholic and need to gulp a bottle of wine before penning down a verse of poetry? Only his partner should go through all his alcoholic shit and when he is celebrated outside because of his strength, it clearly says that his flaws are being honored in the same way in his home by his partner. Of course, there involves a hell lot of pain of dealing with an alcoholic person in life, but it also involves a great strength to be together hoping for a change in that same person. Life is all about hoping for undivided love from our loved ones.

Celebrating flaws doesn't mean encouraging whatever shit a person does with his life, it is just accepting the flaw and try to rectify it in a way that will excel a couple to travel in the right direction. It is to understand each other and stand for each other even though you don't like what your partner does. Sometimes leaving your partner to know his mistakes on his own makes you a better partner than restricting him to try something new in his life. Most of the time, we end up confining our partners because of some assumptive future consequences, instead, why can't we test ourselves by falling into something new and learn lessons from them? This is how a couple must evolve into a relationship, by accepting each other's flaws and by creating flaws together.

Be those partners in love and also be those partners in crime too. Because in both the cases, you end up having each other back and you don't need to depend on others, because by the time, you realize that you have traveled a long distance in your relationship, you will be comfortable with each other's shit and you will happily celebrate each other's flaws without judging each other and fighting for them. You just make mistakes and you accept them and you move on further in life by evolving each day in your life and this is what celebrating the flaws is all about. Think about it and try to embrace each other's flaws and they are worth being celebrated...

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