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The five main road blocks of your relationship, you must know!

Relationships could be rough sometimes especially when you hit the realities right after appreciating every moment of the initial happenings romantically and instead of travelling on such rough paths, couples prefer escaping them to restart their journeys with new partners to maintain the consistency of smoothness in their life! But what's the meaning of life if one doesn't like to experience those rough paths and how a person can escalate one's stability without going through these tough times in love and relationship?

In this modern dating scenario, people tend to eliminate the barriers instead of overcoming them but practically at one point of time people face those inescapable obstacles regardless of one's ability to pull off life without the need of a romantic partner! Well, it surely doesn't mean singlehood is a bad option but you can be with someone romantically even when you are single and that's how dating works by engaging a person with other people to find the stillness in one's romantic life.

Road blocks in relationships get stuck up in your path in many forms and one must be aware of how to deal with them by investing time and efforts to save the relationship or to survive it further. Generally these can be cleared with proper communication and adjusting mindset. But if you remain stubborn nothing goes forward and you will keep witnessing yourself in the loop of regret, guilt and basically sadness.


Yes, one of the parties in your relationship is you. We humans have this weird tendency and confidence that we can never go because we all try to throw the blame on others instead of realising the inside out of your personality. If your partner keeps complaining about one factor consistently, don't you feel you must think and work on that particular aspect to bring the better version out of you to make sure you don't lose your partner. Being individualistic is different from being ignorant. If you keep supporting yourself by embracing your individuality without developing yourself to be loved better, then you end up losing all your loved ones including your romantic partners. You could be your own road block in your relationship so try to know where you go wrong and allow yourself for some self-change without restricting your personality.

Your Partner

When your intuition suggests you that there's something wrong with your partner, instead of suppressing, try to confront without overthinking about the complications and consequences because that helps you personally and psychologically to bring the stillness in your relationship. Most of us argue and get into serious fights with our partners by encouraging one's trust issues, commitment issues and doubtful agendas. Here only vulnerability helps a person. You may wonder how! If you are vulnerable to your partner by being transparent about how you feel your every question gets answered one or the other way. There are chances he's that your partner could be a road block because of his/her issues and being the person who loves your partner it's your responsibility to bring the change without ignoring. What if your one question could explain everything you ever wanted to clear? So it's always recommended to bring the inside out of your partner to lead a successful relationship ahead.


The most important constraint to make or break a relationship is time because at the end of the day your luxurious lifestyle and busy life won't make your partner happy. Your soulful presence in person by spending some quality time can do wonders to make a couple stick together. They say time heals but it only happens when you allow yourself some time to make it heal you as a person or as a couple. If you are struggling to give your partner the deserving time then you need to cancel some unnecessary errands that succumb both your's and your partner's mental peace. Time should be your weapon to overcome the struggles not a roadblock to your relationship!

External influences

These could be people, priorities and preferences. Until and unless you make some necessary arrangements to deal with them you keep getting affected by them on a regular basic which bring too many disturbances without even having your own involvement. Listening to people's biased opinions, entertaining them to suggest you in every aspect of your relationship, going with others' priorities or making others as your priority, considering their preferences as yours and losing your likes and tastes to impress your surroundings. If any one of the aspect is keep happening in your romantic life you need to bring a change by eradicating these external influences as your road blocks.


Knowing about the past relationships, family backgrounds, acquaintances, friend circle, social status, societal statures, psychological issues, personal commitments to others, every issue that you need to know which you think that may affect your mental peace in a long run in having a romantic relationship. One must not point out or drag the histories but one must definitely know the affect of those histories on oneself and one's partner. If you know that you have an issue with a particular aspect of your partner's life you need to confront and clear it out instead of ignoring and moving along just to survive your relationship further. You won't survive a romantic bond if those histories keep road blocking your relationship. So try to deal with them if those histories can be resolved instead of escaping to allow them haunt you forever.

So these are the five important aspects that may become intense road blocks to your relationship. Roadblocks must be dealt in a way that you can overcome them but if they remain as barriers then you should stop your journey and shift your paths towards a healthy relationship and engaging romantic life.

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