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The feeling behind that one text after saying a goodbye!

We all do this shit at least once in our lifetime with our special ones, especially most loved ones. Did I mention shit? Well, it's indeed not. But as time goes on, we feel it as shit. How easily a person can spill the word goodbye during some ridiculous heated conversations? Sometimes, a miscommunication of bidding a bye can be transformed into a huge misunderstanding. By then, a person gets to know the story behind it, the feelings of the other person would already get crushed to the deepest core of the earth. Hence, it becomes useless after realizing reality. This is just one of those stories of the unexpressed or overexpressed feelings after saying goodbye.

In the current scenario, instead of not giving up on people and trying to stay with them forever, we all are doing the exact opposite of it just to get rid of the sad romantic feelings or because of our ego issues. We are bidding goodbye to people so easily like undressing ourselves. It's getting that simple for people in the present dating scene. But indeed, we all fight against those sad romantic feelings in the form of addictions, guilt trip for life, changing the ideologies about love, transforming into a completely new person and many more unexpected and unpredictable things we have ever imagined that we could end up doing them after failing at something and failing someone in love.

Have you ever felt that feeling of trying to get back to your loved one, after a huge fight or an argument or disturbances in your love life where you have already thrown him/her out of your life? It sucks right like crazy. Indeed, people become mad at this stage because they curiously wait for a reply to that one text sitting right beside their smartphone to hear the notification tone and get pissed off every single time when they hear that tone from a wrong person. Because, deep inside, even they too know that it's a wrong time for a right person to text after all the heated conversations.

It's funny, but also a fact, that in this millennial era, 70% of breakups are taking place in the virtual world. People are breaking their paths away with one single text or a call. It's still a wonder how people can bid a bye over a call or a message? Because a true goodbye is all about a warm hug and a few tears with a wide smile. Sorry, we are millennials and we don't do old school stuff. But, do you think that we truly mean those goodbyes which we bid over our so-called smartphones? That is a dumb thing a person could ever do.

We all will surely feel bad about us when we dump our exes like shit by saying a ridiculous goodbye. No matter how bad is the other person, he/she must deserve a better way of goodbye because that's what love is all about. If you treat someone like a piece of shit, wait for your turn to get treated the same way. Some of us are over-reactive and we spill words like water and we also feel guilty about it later. That's when we try to get back to our partners with a single text either by saying sorry or by drafting a big fat paragraph to make them understand how we felt at the time of the conversation or some love phrases.

But the real struggle every person faces is right after sending that one text. It's a precious time ever for a person in love life. Because depending on the mood of the other person, the whole future of the relationship scenario depends. Sometimes, we say goodbyes and we don't mean them at all. We just spit it out to satisfy our anger or ego issues. Simple. But there is no rule that every time, the other person could simply take it. Even though you mean it simple, there are chances that the other person may take it seriously and break the whole love thing with you. This is getting common every day and many of the relationships got ended over a phone message or a call (the lucky ones).

The feeling behind that one text after saying goodbye is indescribable. It's mostly a struggle of getting back to the person we love or a convincing procedure to make him/her understand the real reason of so-called arguments or disturbances or sometimes, people may try to text after saying a goodbye to bid a proper goodbye so that they could end up leaving apart on good talking terms rather than typical breakups. So, always understand the feeling of the other person when he/she texts you after saying goodbye. Because there could be something, that person wants to express or convey to you which may be the important or futuristic approach for your abruptly ended up the relationship. When you could handle a person's anger, you can also handle a person's guilt or an explanation too. So, never miss a chance to reply to that one text of your loved ones after a goodbye.

It could be bad or good, but that would surely give you some clear perspective about yourself, your partner and the reason behind that "Goodbye". Give respect to your feelings and also to others feelings which include every single emotion. Try it for having some clarity in your love life.

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