The fear of reality in love or the reality of fear in relationships?

Which one terrifies you the most? The transitional stage from being in love to getting into a committed relationship is a crucial yet intensely draining phase for many couples, especially the ones who constantly deal with their commitment and trust issues. Hence, the factor of fear is common and quite evident after getting out of one's blindly loving honeymoon phase of dating. The fear falls gracefully and makes a couple go wrong in many possible ways until and unless a person considers that fear positively to get along with the reality!

Love and relationship are deeply interconnected and at the same time, they are two different extremes when it comes to giving a person a reality check with one's situations and consequences. You can love many but you feel like being in a relationship with someone you love the most. In this modern dating scenario, couples. throuples and even a person with multiple partners can be in a relationship based on love romantically but practically one must understand the reality of a relationship with one's partner.

The fear of reality in love comes into the picture when a couple feels everything that's happening with them is indeed real and they need to take a step further to turn it into a serious commitment. Before taking any serious decisions and even thinking about taking such decisions, human tendencies make a person feel scared by considering the past, present and future and when it comes to love, that fear doubles up because it includes and involves another person too. Hence, it is a common scenario between two individuals in love.

Fears are good if you consider them with respect and get along with a passion to get rid of them, indeed to find peace and safe space in one's life. If you are afraid of reality and take the option of running away from it, then you can never achieve your goals including the person you love and want to live with, the most. The fear of reality in love should make you clear about your notions and your partner's motives. It should make you braver to face the upcoming challenges in your relationship and sculpt you strongly to overcome emotional hurdles, worldly barriers and materialistic issues. Love isn't easy, and it surely makes you struggle for it. The only way to attain the love of your life is to face the fear of reality without stepping back.

And once you cross that particular phase of your romantic life, you come into the phase that includes other aspects of love like responsibilities, financial pressures, psychological fluctuations, personal implications, societal complications and many more. Needless to say, it takes a lot of guts for a couple to get into a committed relationship but it equally needs a lot of effort to survive that relationship. The reality of fear in a relationship revolves around losing yourself and losing your partner during the process of growing further with love.