The erogenous way of making your man feel orgasmic!

The feeling of intense pleasure during sexual intercourse is an orgasm and the endpoint of sexual satisfaction. We all attain orgasms and we like making our partners feel orgasmic so that they don't get disappointed sexually or physically or emotionally in bed. We strive hard and sweat our pores out during the process of attaining such intense intimate orgasms. Many people believe that orgasms can be attained only through the genital penetration and of course, they consider it as the perfect sex!

Everything is perfect in sex when you make sure your partner reaches the endpoint of the pleasureful land. Has your partner ever climaxed or came out, without penetrating or getting penetrated? And did you wonder why that phenomenon has happened? Did you get disappointed because of it? Well, then you are over-thinking and getting worried for no reason? Generally, in men, we see sometimes, they come, without proper sexual intercourse. You don't have to consider it as premature ejaculation, because there's something more than that exists in the world of sex in males.

Have you heard of erogenous zones? These are the sensitive areas in a person's body that get activated when sensually touched and can lead to attaining an orgasm without the need for penetration. Hence, you can make your man feel orgasmic by playing tricks on his sensual zones. When you are in no mood of getting penetrated or genital intercourse, you can still attain an orgasm through arousing these zones. But you must know how to practice such sensual tricks on your male partners. Both heterosexual women and homosexual men can make their partners feel orgasmic by focusing on these zones!

Nipples and the areola around them are one of the sensual zones in men. Sexual behaviors like Nipple sucking, nipple licking, and nipple pinching can make your man feel extremely erotic. These behaviors are included in the foreplay, and one can act upon them during sex too. But to attain orgasm, you must run your tongue slowly and rigorously around the nipples and slightly bite them, this will make your man harder. And yes, you can use nipple clamps for some intense fun too!

Ears; this seems a lit bit odd but whispering in the ear, is more sensual than exchanging calories through the lips. A sensual whisper and running the tongue tips in-ear areas and biting the ear lobes, make some men feel extremely orgasmic. If you are good at that game, your dirty talks in his ear can make him climax for sure. You need to be extremely gentle and shouldn't place your entire weight during the process. Hence, try it from sideways in a comfortable position.

The neck; the connecting part of the face and body has too many sensual points which can make a man feel aroused with some sensual touch, warm breath, and cozy saliva. The erogenous zones on the neck include the area just above the collar bone and behind the neck; it's right below the end of the hairline. Pulling his hair may make him feel wild and intense, but that's needed during the penetration.

Try massaging the area behind the neck under the end of his hairline sensually with your fingers and at the same time, play with your breathing techniques and suck the area above the collar bone. This blended sensual practice, surely, make your man feel erotic and who knows he may come out when you are on his lap while sucking and massaging his neck.

Scrotum; the sac which carries the testicles of a man. Your guy may be ballsy enough, but you can play with his ball bag sensually so that he becomes weak in his knees by pleading you to make him attain an orgasm. The scrotum is very much sensitive than the penis shaft. The continuous blood flow to the penis is managed by the testicles and hence, you must be super gentle while making your man climax by arousing this particular erogenous zone. Just place your fingers and practice the tea-bagging procedure by sucking his scrotum. This surely makes him feel orgasmic to the core.