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The entangling emotions behind the conversations with your ex...

Dealing with the people or a person whom we consider as the ones we once loved the most and label them as our exited ex-partners, is quite a perplexing task. They always end up making us feel confused, diluted and degraded about our feelings. They are like our walking mistakes who always remind us what we had gone through even though we step out of their life and happily spending the rest of our lives.

We decide not to step in their lives one more time, we come to an opinion to never give a second chance, we accept the defeat of our fate in terms of love and wish we shouldn't repeat the same mistake one more time, we get confused with our diverted feelings and control ourselves to the core, we pray deeply to never bump into them, we try hard to clear our minds by erasing their memories and after all these attempts, we still fail at dealing with our emotions when we intentionally or unintentionally step into our exes lives one more time after knowing that our paths could never meet with them.

We all go through many breakups in our love-life, there must be enormous reasons to do so. The various explanations we crave for, the plenty of arguments we expect to get settled, the hell lot of discussions to conclude the main reason behind a particular breakup. These constraints keep on hitting a person whenever he/she bumps into his/her ex. Most of us don't step ahead to confront our exes just to avoid unnecessary consequences but every one of us wants to raise our thoughts to justify ourselves behind those breakups. We try a lot to convince more than either we are wrong or our exes must be wrong. And when these kinds of conversations pop between an ex-couple, tonnes of emotions rule both the hearts and they get entangled with the personalities and the outcomes can be quite indescribable.

Awkwardness is the first emotion soon after we meet or we see our exes accidentally. Our heart rates speed up instantly out of unknown churning of feelings inside our bodies. For some, it is out of left out constraints of love and it is out of guilt or regret and for some, it is purely out of pain.

An unknown spark or charm on the face can be seen if we look at our exes all of a sudden. Sometimes we become unaware of our expressions too. It's like sending some signals without asking our hearts because of the already established connection between an ex-couple.

The rage: out of vengeance, out of jealousy, out of past reflections flashing in the brain, out of deception, out of exploitation, we feel that instant anger and emotions may slip out of our hands and we may end up behaving weirdly without noticing the surroundings. Sometimes, people do it knowingly to defame their exes or they express their anger in a very different way to degrade their exes. Either way, we still react to our exes.

Most of us, ignore when we happen to see our exes alone or with someone. We cross them as if we don't know them. We act and consider them as strangers. We feel like not giving a damn about their presence. We opt not to react and we don't react by assuming that we aren't reacting. Think deep, we end up making an impression though we don't react.

A very few of us, express their utmost sadness soon after we see our exes no matter where. Some people, respond in a very different way by stooping down their standards by chasing behind their exes. They approach, they follow, they spy, they beg to take them back, they plead for their love and emotions, they shed tears for not being in love with a person whom they love the most, they get treated very badly and they may even face abusive behavior from their exes who don't even worth attention at all. But some people express their emotions like these. It is painful, but can't help it. These people only come to the senses and know their real worth when they realize their wastage of emotions on a person who doesn't deserve them at all.

And next comes the people who still maintain the hope of love within them to try one more time with their loved ones after being split up. If they are destined to be with them, they get back to them in no time but if they are not, they simply waste their time and efforts on a person whom they already lost once. These people are the most positive souls but also end up making the wrong choices.

Fortunately, some people give a shot for the second innings of their relationship by reviving their ex status to the current partner status. The chances are high in these kinds of relationships to survive for a long time but on the contrary, the stakes are very low to keep trust in a person who once broke it. At the end of the day, a couple can't be the same after a serious breakup. Hence, the relationship can be even more complicated than before, especially in the cases of people who cheat on their partners, the addicts, the doubtful ones, the over-possessive ones.

Some people act very differently by just having sex or making love one more time to revive and cherish the memories they once had with their exes. Some may end up knowing what they miss and some may end up taking their mental stress out of their bodies through physical intimacy. This is one of the most expressed emotions when a person meets his/her ex. Because it is the ultimate form of showing love and also hate (in a pleasureful way).

Out of all these entangling emotions, a person feels, when he/she meet his/her ex anywhere and anytime, there are many chances that they try talking, knowing about their lives, updating their whereabouts, new relationships, new partners, new lessons and many more. Most of us, make things complicated and it is quite unnecessary too. A matured person always acts in a matured way. Instead of struggling with hell lot of emotions, just spend some time and bid a bye like how you did in the past. This is how our exes and the feelings about our exes must be dealt, for everyone's happiness and peace of mind! Period.

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