The Empowering World of Drag Queens!

Drag is an artistic form of entertaining audiences by conventionally adopting the clothing attributes, gestures, postures, grace of the opposite sex. Accept it or not, drag performances are the ones that established the queer culture in the society with a huge motive of fighting against all the odds to set the normality and equality of queer orientations in the society. These queer artistic drag performances born before the stonewall riots and many drag queens sacrificed their lives fighting for the queer community. Many got attacked by bullies and many went behind the bars. Drag queens are the ones who empower the community even today. Fortunately, now all the drag queens are happily performing all over the world by spilling their talents and skills to uplift the community and break the stereotypes!

Drag queens are the males or trans-women who slip into the shoes of feminine gender and exhibit various skills like singing, dancing, lip-syncing, magic, theatrical dramatic performances, and many more. Drag queens were the reason for the unity of the community and now they are acting as the reason to spread the queer vibes to the world. Unlike drag kings, one can find many drag queens all over the world. Gay men, bisexual men, and trans-women who have talents and who want to represent the community is coming forward to grace the stages at various places and on various platforms to let people understand the genuine meaning of gender, gender equality, and gender fluidity.